Friday, June 26, 2015

CC7A Reveal for June: Soft Summer Hues

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Welcome to the June edition of the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists! This month Sally Russick  presents the gently elegant colours of summer:

Pastels are a challenge for me, but luckily I had a FEW shinies I could call upon to try to do the palette justice :) I created this necklace using artisan lampwork beads by Patricia Ritchie, Angela Bohanan, Jane Perala, and Carolyn Muir. Small pink Indonesian glass from Karine Loiseau. All findings are antiqued brass. I rarely use brass (as a matter of fact I was surprised by how much I encountered in my findings drawers LOL), but it really appealed to me with this palette. (I know you love brass, Alicia!) This guy is super long, 32", with a doubled-length of twisted oval & figure 8 chain.

Standing at attention :)

Relaxing :)

Close-up of the cute focal :)

Profile view :)

Thanks for visiting again, everyone!

Now check out the rest of the CC7A gang:

Alicia Marinache 
(Fearless Leader)
Sally Russick
(this month's hostess)

Our group will be taking a mid-summer break now to connect with family and friends, travel, relax... you know, all the typical summertime stuff. But we will be back on August 26 for our next installment. I will be in charge of the photo inspiration, which Sally has nicknamed "Colorful Chaos" LOL. See everyone in July! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CC7A Reveal for May: Tutti-Fruity

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Welcome to the May edition of the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists! This month Therese Frank brings us the colours of late spring in Alabama... "Tutti-Fruity":

This month I had plenty of piles of starters, half-thought-out designs and gorgeous green, orange and yellow beads. Finally everything went back in a tray:

These WILL return. I have plans. Sort of :)
I forgot to mention... this is ONE tray... of SEVEN I had out!

Then I played with polymer clay for a few days. No problem getting the colours pretty close:

I was overwhelmed with inspiration. Not.

So for the last week I have been stringing and restringing pretty well the same beads. I thought it would be fun to make something with only two types of components. I picked glass and leather. Here, finally, is version #199:

Looks so innocent and without guile just laying there, doesn't it? LOL One would never guess at the struggle it put up!

And on the bust:

Here's what made the cut: artisan lampwork by Gems in Bloom (Jacqueline) (focal); Kathryn Newman Lampwork and Jewellery (Kat)A Little Trinket (Anna)Mermaid Glass (Laurie); oodles of Indonesian lampwork by makers whose names I will undoubtedly never learn (imported by Karine of Yukidesigns); and some yellow agate donuts (OK, that's a cheat, but they look and feel like glass LOL). Everything strung on lime green 1-mm leather cord. Oh and teeny tiny African seed beads of recycled glass.

The necklace length is adjustable from 16"-22" by way of two sliding knots at the top.

Knew I forgot one photo. Here's the "gang" LOL:

Do visit these lovely blogs and check what goodies these designers have in store for you:

Alicia Marinache 
(Fearless Leader)
Therese Frank
(this month's hostess) 

Yes, we are down one member but we hope it's only temporary!

You are welcome to return on June 26 when it will be Sally's turn to share Soft Summer Hues :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pearl's Awesome Giveaway

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It has been a long time since I shared a giveaway here, but this one is too good NOT to pass along :) This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL (open to everyone) and ends in a week's time, at 6 pm EST Monday, May 25, 2015. Check here for details on how to take part. This contest has now concluded... congrats to Pearl's winner, Mary Morris! I'll bet you will take lots of wonderful photos with this kit!

Modahaus' $116 Steady Stand SS300 Kit/
Tabletop Studio TS400 Bundle 

Guaranteed to help beginners and experts get nicely light-balanced photos. Now that I have rearranged my studio and have a dedicated photography area, this little set-up would be a welcome addition :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 19

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I have been mostly MIA for the past few weeks. Hubby is newly retired (Yay!) and we are having splendid negotiations about the "home front" LOL.

For Week 19 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I did a super-easy project. Faux-turquoise:

Like the pic? Our hostas are just breaking ground and it is a beautiful sunny day (they are few and far between), so I thought I would take a rare outdoor piccy. 

A good friend had requested I repair her bracelet, which featured turquoise fakies. Several of them had fallen out and she had even lost one. I put off this project, thinking it would involve lots of custom colour mixing and experimenting, all for a couple of grams of clay for one small "stone". 

When I finally pulled out all my PC packages, I was delighted to see that my STOCK PREMO WAS AN ALMOST 100% MATCH. It is an old package (at least 4 years!). I don't know if the formula has been changed since then (probably; Polyform/Sculpey is famous for tinkering). All I know is: this is exactly the colour I needed. It was one of the quickest jewelry repairs I have ever done :)

Moral of this story: Do keep on hand as many different colours, brands (ages?) of your PC as you can. I don't use Premo very much since discovering Kato. BUT sometimes it is just what I want for a very special project.

Naturally, in my haste to return my friend's bracelet, I didn't even take a photo of the finished repair. Will have to borrow her wrist one of these days :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you next time :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 17

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For Week 15 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I decided to make use of the cane I made in Week 12. Not sure if I am done with this bracelet or if I might add a bit to it yet :)

Hope to see everyone this time next week :)

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