Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Latest Freebie from The Beading Gem

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If you haven't yet tried Little Windows brand jewellery resin (or you're already a fan and just like free stuff... duuhhh... who doesn't?) hop over to The Beading Gem for a chance to win a $50. gift certificate for resin supplies. **UPDATE: This giveaway ends at 6 pm Monday, August 6, 2012 and is open to U.S. and Canadian readers. Make sure to read the whole article as there is a discount code for Little Windows.**

I first heard of Little Windows on Tina Holden's Beadcomber blog, where you can read her great review and check out her very cool polymer clay and resin creations. Naturally, I'm hoping to win this gift certificate for myself, but if YOU win, I suppose that would be O.K., too LOL

Sunday, July 29, 2012

These beads were burnin' a hole in my pocket...

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So I've had these cool ceramic disc beads from  Marsha Neal Studio  for a few weeks now. Originally I had planned on using them in my first ABS challenge entry, but the beads were having none of that! I reluctantly finished my bracelet without the beads (uncharacteristic for me to LISTEN to the beads, I always think I know best).

I knew I wanted to use the discs in earrings. Lo and behold, the July 23 Earrings Everyday featured Marsha's beads in beautiful designs by Marie of SKYE JEWELS. I was inspired to make this quick pair using some silk cord leftover from my bracelet. Very different from my usual style. I love the earthy, variegated look of the glaze.

It's hard to see in my crappy photo, but there are all these speckled pink highlights, and every bead surface is unique. That's what's so great about handmade: no two alike!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My First ABS Challenge Entry!

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My first time participating in an ABS challenge! This is a bracelet based on the colours and motifs I observed in Picasso's "Two Acrobats with a dog". The soft Kumihimo cord is woven by me with Marsha Neal's soft 2mm silk cord from The bracelet features two lampwork beads by Australian artist Faye of I needed a button so I created one in polymer clay. I was aiming for a grouted tile look in the harlequin pattern. I felt the bracelet needed a bit of pink in honour of Picasso's Rose Period so I used pink niobium jump rings! 

Inspiration:  "Two Acrobats with a dog" by Pablo Picasso, 1905 
Lampwork from feyglass
Lampwork by feyglass (love the unusual shapes)
My own polymer clay shank button with rose-tinted "grout" lines.

The kitty looks sad, so this bracelet is named  "I'm So Blue".

Yes, I know that's a dog in the painting, but Kramer (otherwise known as The Boss) was having none of that, so we will have a cat bead instead. Sorry, Pablo! Must keep on the good side of management! (Sorry for the crappy pics, just learning to work with a brand new camera.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You'd better not eat these strawberries!

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Join Hazel over at Continuum Designs in a Summer Fruits Blog Hop/Giveaway/Design Team featuring everyone's favourite summer treat. She'll be picking five entrants to receive her good-enough-to-eat strawberry charms and create a culinary jewellery masterpiece. Yum!

**UPDATE: I'm in! Thanks, Hazel, for generously including so many participants!**

A Refreshing Holiday??

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This morning I had CBS news on and I caught the end of a piece about vacations. Seems a survey revealed that only 9% (nine!!) of respondents said they felt better and/or more rested after a vacation, 58% felt the same, and 28% felt worse... How depressing is that? What in the world are those poor folks doing on vacation? I always thought "You need a vacation to recover from your vacation" was just a joke, but I guess many people just aren't getting what they need during that time off work...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

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This blog is currently under construction! This is my birthday present to myself. I decided that if I take this first step, my compulsive nature will kick in and force me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Wish me luck!

Kramer, the CEO of this website, has approved this message.

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