Sunday, July 29, 2012

These beads were burnin' a hole in my pocket...

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So I've had these cool ceramic disc beads from  Marsha Neal Studio  for a few weeks now. Originally I had planned on using them in my first ABS challenge entry, but the beads were having none of that! I reluctantly finished my bracelet without the beads (uncharacteristic for me to LISTEN to the beads, I always think I know best).

I knew I wanted to use the discs in earrings. Lo and behold, the July 23 Earrings Everyday featured Marsha's beads in beautiful designs by Marie of SKYE JEWELS. I was inspired to make this quick pair using some silk cord leftover from my bracelet. Very different from my usual style. I love the earthy, variegated look of the glaze.

It's hard to see in my crappy photo, but there are all these speckled pink highlights, and every bead surface is unique. That's what's so great about handmade: no two alike!


  1. I don't have these Marsha Neal discs but I love them! You did a great job with them. I think the color is like strawberry lemonade/

  2. OMG you're right... and you just sparked an idea for the Summer Fruits Design Challenge I'm preparing for! I think of these quickie earrings as a work in progress, though; I posted them to help me get over my fear of "showing off" my experiments.

  3. So beautiful - I love ceramic and these beads are gorgeous! So are the earring :)


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