Monday, August 13, 2012

Arts & Crafts and Imported Strawberries...

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Blue Reflections on Emerald Fields

I'm taking a break from extruder experiments right now. I thought I would show one of my designs. After I made this 18" long necklace a while ago, featuring a Round Rabbit Arts & Crafts Floral Pendant, I found I just couldn't part with it. I am constantly making excuses to wear this-or-that blouse, just for a reason to put it around my neck yet again. I've gotten so many compliments on it, wearing it is a bit addicting, if you know what I mean!

I love the pools of dark glaze and the stylized floral motif.

Porcelain Arts & Crafts Floral Pendant in Emerald & Blue
from Nancy E. Schindler of  Round Rabbit

Around the same time I purchased the pendant from Nancy, I had received these gorgeous coordinated lampwork beads from Perth, Australia glass-maker Faye Blennerhassett of feyglass, and they were the perfect match. Keep in mind that I'm relatively new at jewellery design, so "matchy" is still a hot concept to me!

Hand-made lampworked glass by Faye Blennerhassett 
of feyglass

Textured surface scrolls

Pretty "paint" effects

Some Czech glass beads, silver mini washers, and some lava beads and a Nunn design toggle (both from Michael's) to complete the design, and I was one happy chick.

Momma's got a brand new purty jool!

These were amongst the first art beads I purchased FROM OTHER ARTISANS. Up til then I had used mostly my own polymer clay beads, so it represented a big step for me.

So right now I am awaiting some handmade strawberries from Hazel Ward at Continuum Designs who creates from her studio in Nottingham, Midlands, UK. She has kindly included me in her give-away/blog hop, which we will be revealing next Monday, August 20. That is, if I receive my berries in time. They come in assorted sizes, so while I have a design started, sight-unseen, I may need to do a few last-minute changes.

Hazel's polymer clay strawberries... Yummy!

More of Hazel's original bead designs were also featured on the Art Bead Scene last week for summery green inspiration. Also check the Continuum Designs Etsy Shop for more beautiful flower and nature themed beads. 


  1. Well no wonder you want to keep on wearing's beautiful! There is so much visual interest in it..gorgeous colours and lots of texture. The comments from friends are warranted. Beautiful job!

  2. Gorgeous necklace. Sometimes you've just got to keep one for yourself.

  3. Thank you, Jenni and Cynthia... I have actually been doing that a LOT the past little while. I'm feeling totally diva!

  4. Oh, my - such a beautiful necklace! I love the colours in the ceramic pendant, and those lava beads are gotrgous... and the way you mixed everything together: no wonder you'd wear it every time you get a chance, who wouldn't? And you absolutely should keep things for yourself, makes you feel better :)

    1. Not to worry, Alicia, I have been VERY selfish lately and only making pieces I personally like, so I do tend to hoard them LOL. I confess to a "bit" of an addiction to Nancy's porcelain, but I may have found a way to incorporate some into another "challenge"... hopefully!

  5. I can see why you're in love with this necklace, Monique. And I can't wait to see what you create with those luscious red berries. Adorable!

    1. I'm still waiting on my berries, Lynda... but you know what they say... waiting makes it sweeter *TeeHee*


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