Friday, August 10, 2012

Take this to the bank...

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I saw this by blogger ROSGETSSERIOUS on the Sparkpeople website today and thought I would pass it along:

"Imagine that you won this prize in a contest:

Each morning the bank will deposit  $86, 400. into your private account for your personal use. However, this prize comes with rules:

* You must spend the money each day. 
* Everything that you don’t spend in that day will be taken away from you. 
* You cannot simply transfer the money to another account. 
* You cannot give the money away and it can't be used by anyone else. 
* Every morning, upon waking up, the bank credits your account with another $86,400 to be used that day. 
The bank can cancel your account and stop depositing at any time without warning.

When the game is over, IT IS OVER!! 

What would you personally do? 
I guess, that you would buy anything and everything that you wanted, right. Not only for yourself, but for everyone you know and love. You couldn’t spend it all on yourself, and you would try to spend as much as possible every day, wouldn’t you? 

Actually, this game is reality and you are already playing! The only difference is that you don't receive money. 

The magical bank is the BANK OF TIME and you already receive this gift every morning. 

Every morning, we receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life, to spend that day and anything left over is lost. 

Whatever we haven’t lived today is lost forever.

Every morning, the bank of time is replenished, but we never know when it will end – without warning!! 

So – what are you doing with your time – and you really getting the maximum value from the time you have – are you really living your life to the full?? 

What do you plan to do with the 86,400 seconds that you will be given when you wake up tomorrow. If it was your last day, what would you plan to do?? 

Enjoy every second of your life, cause time races by so much quicker than you think. 

Is it really worth wasting it in meanness, unhappiness, jealousy, disagreements, and all those other negative emotions that suck the life out of us? 

Take care of yourself, spread happiness and love to those around you and enjoy your life.”

Source unknown*

*As usual, Source Unknown, that prolific author (along with his cousin Anonymous), needs to receive proper credit, so if any one knows the actual name of the writer of the above passage, I would love it if you shared that information.

Til the next post, take care of one another (and don't forget to hug your puppies and kitties, too!)


  1. Just catching up on your posts - I love this one! Food for thought as they say!

  2. Yes, and depending on your state of mind whilst reading it, this passage can seem very optimistic and hopeful, or make one wistful over missed opportunity. Thank you for visiting again, Cari-Jane!


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