Friday, August 03, 2012

This stuff floats my boat: MNS Ceramic Sale and ABS August Challenge

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Make sure you check out the sale at Marsha Neal Studio's Etsy Shop for lots of beautiful porcelain components. See Marsha's blog for more details.

And the reason for my baaadd pun... a new month, a new challenge: the  Art Bead Scene August Monthly Challenge will be inspired by this Winslow Homer painting:

Fishing Boats, Key West, 1903 by Winslow Homer
Watercolor and graphite on off-white wove paper

Seeing Homer's name brought back memories of the print  (below) displayed in my grandfather's home during my childhood. "Pépère" had been a fisherman back in the day, and whether this painting was a gift or something he chose himself, I'm sure he felt kinship for the hard-working pair struggling to bring their catch into the tiny dory. Learning the artist's name as a young girl just learning to speak English, I often reversed his names and he became "Homer Winslow". That still brings a wry smile of remembrance. 

The Herring Net, 1885, oil

I may have taken on more than I can chew (and digest) this month, but I can't resist taking part in this challenge; in honour of my ancestors, who so intimately loved and feared the ocean, for she gave sustenance and income, but often took life and health. 


  1. I've been trying to avoid Marsha's store :) I haven't used the ones I picked up at her last awesome sale. Enabler. It sounds like this challenge was made for you, hope you join in. It turns out I had some watery colour ways already on the go so I have some ideas coming together too

    1. Ahem... I am also struggling not to go crazy. What is it about the word "sale" that makes all the goodies seem even more beautiful? I even more weak-willed with lampwork. *sigh* I have no will-power. I need one of those 12-step programs LOL

  2. What a beautiful inspiration piece for this month's ABS challenge. I am always drawn to anything to do with the sea. Thank you for sharing your endearing memories of "Homer Winslow" as a child. :-) Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  3. Thanks for visiting, Cindy! I enjoy the challenges particularly because they are a learning experience for me. I am a knowledge geek, but I have no formal art training; I knew little of Homer's watercolours, so becoming more familiar will be part of my research.

  4. The paintings of the sea, the boats and the seafaring mariners that sail her are lovely. The particular painting that is your ABS challenge will make for a wonderful inspiration piece. I'm sure you'll create something unique and beautiful. I look forward to seeing it.

    Mmmm, pretty porcelain pendants - I'll have to go check out Marsha's shop. :)
    ps - thank you for dropping by my blog and the comment you left about my changeable earrings is most appreciated. You've a lovely blog, I can see it has a lot of promise and someday soon with have hundreds of followers. Today you've gotten one more follower. Me! :D

  5. Thanks, Anna Maria! Anyone who knows me knows I believe in "the power of one". I've already started experimenting with some polymer clay colours for the challenge. Wish me luck!

  6. This will be a great one, when you have a personal connection to a challenge it's all better than usual (or at least it is with me :)). I'm looking forward to seeing what you create - thanks for sharing a moment in your childhood!

    P.S. Good luck with the polymer clay experiments :)


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