Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome Home, Miss Lucy!

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Kramer and Lucy relax on the ironing board: just tolerating one
 another. I know she looks big in this pic, but Lucy's only about
3 lbs.,  and Kramer is 12 lbs!

This is a quick update on our newest family member. Last Friday, Lucy came home with us from the local Animal Shelter where she has been living since January. She is a sweet non-neutered female, about one year old. Since she lived in a big "cat room" at the Shelter, with about 14 other females, she was not at all intimidated by our Kramer. On arriving at our home she immediately began running through all the rooms, exploring this big unknown space.

Kramer, by contrast, seemed VERY intimidated by this nosy little interloper. He is a neutered male, almost two years old, and he has been King of the Hill in our home since we brought him from the same Shelter as a young kitten. He's had very little contact with other animals. We've dog-sat for my sister, but poor old Cailloux was no match for Kramer, who quickly put the shy dog in his place (the bottom rung).

No such luck with Miss Lucy! In one short week she has muscled her way into all of Kramer's favourite spots. She pushes him aside when the food bowl is filled (we tried serving them in separate bowls, but it made no difference). She is like the tough kid who grew up in a big family, and she knows how to make her way, despite Kramer being four times her weight!

I know they will eventually become friends. Today I came home and found them sharing space on top of the basement fridge. Looks like they are completely ignoring each other in this pic, doesn't it!

I'm in charge here...                                   No, I'm in charge! 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I call them my furry grandchildren... I'm not sure how I lived so many years without kitties!

  2. 3 pounds? Lucy is TINY! Good thing she has some moxie! :)

    Your last picture made me laugh - Definitely cats! Gotta love them. That whole, I'm going to be near you, but ignore you until I'm sure you want me here, thing! Too cute!

    1. Yes, she is like a large rat with attitude, Karen... we were actually worried that she would be afraid of Kramer... Hah!

  3. So cute!! I love Kramer's expression! I had a lovely cat named Ally who looks just like Lucy. Mine like to lay on the ironing board too.

    1. I wonder why cats love ironing boards, Cilla? I'd say the heat, but that would imply I actually use mine for ironing LOL

  4. So cute!! I love Kramer's expression! I had a lovely cat named Ally who looks just like Lucy. Mine like to lay on the ironing board too.

  5. They are so sweet and how nice to have a new family member! I am sure they will find their equilibrium in a very short time.. They seem quite comfy in each other's presence already.

  6. Very Cute! Kudos to you for going to a shelter & not a pet store!! Cats are great, I have 2 Siamese brother & sister and they are the best! And sister is always beating up & bullying her brother..

    1. Typical female control freaks LOL. Thank you for bringing up that point about pet stores, Erika! Seriously, I'm always sad when I see baby animals for sale at the pet store. Buying an animal because it is "cute" is cruel and irresponsible. Those sweet little balls of fluff exist only because someone wanted to make a quick buck; they often come from facilities where caged animals live out their lives for the sole purpose of breeding for profit.

      I'm sure there are some responsible pet breeders out there, but the plain fact remains, as long as there is a market for cheap pets, the abuse will continue.

      There are SO many beautiful cats and dogs pining away in Shelters. We are not in danger of running out any time soon! Many have to be put to sleep, every week, because there is not enough room or funding.

      So anyone wanting to add a furry friend to the family, please pass up the pet store. They should be selling food, toys and speciality items for the animals already sharing our lives, not adding to the overpopulation problem. Some chains have already stopped selling animals. Only by talking with our wallets (boycotting) will the rest comply.

      One more thing before I climb down from the soapbox:

      PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! (Thanks, Bob Barker, for over 30 years of supporting animal rights.)

  7. Oh our fur babies are such wonderful additions to our lives. I know who rules our home and it's not me or the mr! They do something silly each day to bring a smile to our faces.


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