Saturday, September 08, 2012

Creative Bead Chat Facebook Group Tribute to Administrators

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From top left: 1/ Keirsten Giles of Lune Designs; 2/  Karen Totten of Starry
Road Studio; 3/ 
Marla James of Marlas Mud; 4/ Melinda Orr of ORRTEC;
(not shown: Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs)

What is Creative Bead Chat? Well the Facebook "about" page reads as follows:

"A home for creative component and jewelry designers to share our new creations, tool tips and help build our creativity and sales! A home for new designers, as well as experienced, to share our experiences and ask questions. Ultimately we are a team and work together towards the goal of being proud of our accomplishments and accomplishing our dreams... welcome to Creative Bead Chat! Only rule...Treat others as you would like to be treated."

As one of those "new designers", I have enjoyed dropping in to this group of talented individuals and absorbing lots of information. The members are a varied and sharing group. I don't comment very often, but when I do, there is always someone to answer my questions. 

Thanks to our intrepid administrators for making sure everything is running smoothly over at Creative Bead Chat (CBC)!

Marla Gibson: Isn't it the most creative photo setting ever??

Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs (shop temporarily closed)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better and hopefully participate instead of just absorbing the awesomeness! You support and encourage each other and that is an inspiration to all.

Anyone interested in checking out the CBC, here's a link:


  1. Thanks for the link I just signed up :) I haven't mustered up the courage to start a blog yet, will they still accept my request??

    1. So glad you stopped by, Erika! I don't think a blog is required. I know for certain when I joined CBC I didn't yet have my blog (just started it a little more than a month ago). Their goal really is to support and share ideas with anyone with a creative bent!

  2. Well I also signed up but with my different account...coming to this post I do like your stones very much and the most I like is the necklace of stones...simply great!

  3. Monique, Super job on Thank you to the Admins of CBC and for bringing new friends to the group!

  4. Hi Monique!~
    Great post, love the jewelry pics. And that chair pic is so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. So appreciated. ~Your CBC sister~ Donna

  5. Hi Monique-
    I'm delighted you stopped by my blog- Thank you for your kind words.
    And what fun to find you posting about the CBC group, too!
    I love checking in there and seeing what's going on, asking for help and offering advice on the things I know. I love seeing what people are making & getting inspiration.

  6. I am always amazed to visit a blog and find one of my pieces there. I am not sure how I missed your blog, but I will remedy that right now. Thank you for the kind words regarding the CBC. And as for the photo prop, well I found it at Hobby Lobby of all places on one of their woodworking displays lol. Thanks again!


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