Thursday, September 06, 2012

WIP for Cari-Jane and congrats to Joan...

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This will be a quickie (HaHa, for me that is LOL). I'm posting in response to Cari-Jane Hakes of hybrid handmade, who offered a cool desktop calendar for September 2012. Download it for FREE at the link above. Cari-Jane is a U.K. metal artist living in France. Here's my computer area featuring your cool Time Pebble calendar, Cari-Jane:

Not much room here for creating, but PC is pretty portable LOL

Lots of room over here, just behind my chair. I do a lot of
spinning around in that chair!

Current project, side view of cane... looks like a flaming
big mess, right? Can't share too much 'cause it for
a gift exchange!

So that's my WIP at the moment. Will share more next month!


Couldn't let the day go by without congratulating the very talented Joan Tayler for her appearance AGAIN on Polymer Clay Daily. The culprit this time? Why, Joan's whistles, of course... good pick, Cynthia! There's a suggestion that anyone hankering for a whistle TUTORIAL hit Joan's blog with a request. 

Joan's newest whistle designs.

The last word:


  1. Oh it looks fabulous on your big screen!!

    1. Yes, I agree, Cari-Jane. I see it every time my old girl starts up. Just one problem... October will soon be here. Any chance you'll be making an update?


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