Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woo Hoo! The new colours are out!

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The Pantone newsletter was sent out today. I always get happily distracted whenever the newest colour report is issued. I immediately sent it off to be printed at Staples (their colour copiers rock!) Now I can daydream in colour to my heart's content. While Tangerine Tango is out, there are not one but TWO orange shades this spring, one for gals and one for guys. How cool is that? If you want your own copy, you can download the PDF by entering your name and email here:

Every time I see a new report, I imagine I will make up my own Kato recipes, but in reality I will happily pay for someone else's. Crafts by Chris is one place to buy the package deal (she also makes recipes for Premo and Fimo brands). Another artist who makes her recipes available is Carolyn of 2 Good Claymates, based on her  Clay Colour System , which I use and love.

Seriously, I would get so much more done if I weren't such a colour junkie LOL.


  1. I love this pallet. Looks like a great Spring for designs!

  2. I love this pallet. Looks like a great Spring for designs!

  3. Who knew there was a newsletter?! Going to have to get on that list! thanks!

  4. Wow, that IS a very pretty palette! Gosh, I'm just barely thinking about the Fall now.... guess I'm a season or two behind! :-)

  5. Pantone is VERY early out of the gate, I guess for the benefit of companies and designers in production work. I am still planning on enjoying the current colours; it's fun to have a head start on what we can expect in the next design season, though!

  6. I am liking those spring colors! Thanks for the link to them. Very cool!

  7. Sping? Already? I have not even started to make things with the Winter Pantone colors. I do like the palette, however so when the time comes, I'll be ready!

    1. Would come in handy for anyone wanting to submit to magazines issued next spring!


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