Friday, October 26, 2012

A Lingering Taste of Summer...

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Now that the days are getting shorter (and colder!) I love anything that reminds me of summer. What a great treat to receive some fresh strawberries in my mailbox today...

Say what!?

Well, almost fresh... actually some fresh-looking polymer clay strawberry charms, handmade by Hazel Ward of Nottingham, UK based Continuum Designs. Hazel specializes in elegant nature-inspired beads and charms. Waaay back in late July, I asked to take part in Hazel's blog hop. It was a strange summer and it seems that my little berries were lost at sea somewhere in the North Atlantic. We chatted a few times since then and Hazel kindly offered to send me another set. I had prepared a bracelet specifically for this project quite a while back so I quickly added three of the berries and voilà:

I am of course aware that dragonflies are carnivorous, so I suppose this little fellow (in antique copper from Trinity Brass) is just admiring the life-like berries and not eating them LOL.

Some 4 mm sunshine yellow Swarovski for the dear departed summer sun. If you are reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, then YOUR summer is just around the corner. Enjoy!

Don't those berries look good enough to eat? They have a luscious golden glow. Thank you so much, Hazel... these were worth the wait! I have two left, so I think a little pair of earrings is in the plans for later tonight.

If anyone is experiencing a sudden craving, strawberries are  available in two sizes and as either charms (like mine), or as beads with a hole from top to bottom. Check Hazel's Etsy shop for other unique styles, too.


  1. This is beautiful and fun! It looks like it has great movement too :-) Hazel's shop has really pretty components. Now I am missing the sweet fruits of summer.....

  2. If I were a dragonfly, I'm sure I'd want those strawberries for dessert!!!!

  3. Ah how sweet of Hazel. Very summery indeed. I was literally just talking to my mum who has telling me they (she and my daughter) ate the last of the raspberries off the bushes as they raked leaves all morning. Summer come baaaaaaack!

  4. they do look good enough to eat! I love your dragonfly .... I'm always looking for those :)

  5. This is such a beautiful design and I love the strawberries.

  6. A beautiful bracelet and very unique, Monique (I couldn't resist!). The strawberries do look good enough to eat.

  7. What a great design! Those strawberries are amazing. I'm going to check out Hazel's shop now. :)

  8. Thank you for one last look at summer and a delicious looking one at that! I love the rays of sunshine and the dragonfly. Yummy looking strawberries too!


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