Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frivolous and Fabulous

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Buddy the Elf Cat Hat
Go ahead and laugh... I DARE YOU!

My Etsy Finds newsletter just featured Sara, who calls herself "the cat hat lady", and her adorable creations over at scooterKnits. Of course, they showed another  hat, but I am in love with this one. I am probably Will Farrell's biggest non-fan, but I accidentally saw him in "ELF". I fell in love with his hilarious and innocent Buddy the Elf character. Farrell IS Buddy in my mind. Well worth watching if you are a sucker for Christmas movies (I still cry every time I watch "It's a Wonderful Life").

Now if I can just talk my kitties into wearing hats...


  1. I'm sure the items would be flying out of my shop if I had a model like that!

  2. Elf is my favorite movie!!! He is so believable and sincere. I just can't get enough :-)
    This cat hat is too cute!

  3. Aww, that is so adorable.

    Thanks for sharing

    Sensible Sarah

  4. SO cute! No way Hope would sit still for that. But it's truly adorable. If you're Will Farrell's biggest non-fan, I must be the second. I love your line about accidentally seeing him in "Elf." I would feel the same way!


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