Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I Spoiled Myself Rotten!

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Charms from: CassiJeanRhondaIngeCherylEmmaMarshaNatalie,
JenniferAlenkaShaihaLeslie, and Cheri

Soooo, this is my Christmas shopping from me to me, done! Today I received my wonderful package of Art Charms from Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions. Not sure what I'll make with them yet. I have one matched set for earrings (I had one from the exchange and managed to snag a second at the eBay auction fundraiser). The rest will be drooled over for an extended period before being put to work.

This is my last chance to thank all the artists who took part, and especially our hard-working Jen. You guys rock... and Jen... hope you get amnesia soon and start planning next year's Charm Swap!


  1. Ohhhh you got the other cupcake charm , I made mine out of clay , And you got the owl one .. oh i'm jelous!! :) ... i wish i could have gotten one of everyones , because i thought they were alllll wonderfull

  2. Also since you seem to love the swap i'm planning once for jan/feb it will be my first but if your intrested please let me know , i'm trying to get the word out ,i plan on having a few in a year , because so many oranzating need donations .
    please email me if your intrested , i'd love to have you on bord

  3. Pretty charms! I picked one up at the auction and just love it!

  4. I'm very flattered that you bid on my charm! This was definitely one of the most fun and rewarding things I've done.

  5. Monique, the charms look wonderful... such a fun thing to do. I think I will have to participate next year!

  6. I feel really special you bought my owl guitar pick. I loved doing this event and will participate next year too!! I loved the charms I received!!!


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