Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Less Consumption, More Compassion

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$20 - One Person's Clean Water, $100 - Give a Family Clean Water,
$500 - Water for a Classroom, $1,500 - Cost of a Hand Pump

I'm giving a gift to The Water Project this year. It is one week before Christmas. I'm ALWAYS a little depressed in December. I understand that is commonplace: Christmas is an exceptionally lonely time for many. Whether it is the anniversary of Mum's death (yesterday, December 17th), the lack of daylight hours, even the sad and trite scenes of wasteful consumerism as panicked shoppers do that "last-minute" thing. And of course our many tears shed over last week's tragedy.

I was strangely cheered as I watched this little video (can't remember where I linked from... too many blogs). I can't offer anything but my thoughts and prayers for the lost children of Sandy Hook School. I have chosen to help other children, in an under-developed part of the world, by sending a donation of water via this non-profit organization. I cling to the hope that it will make a difference.


  1. That sure is one moving video. Thank you sharing. I was very happy that our workplace was organizing hampers for nine families this year. The family my group got was a mum, dad, adult daughter and 2 year old boy. The plan was food, essentials and gift, as I read on they did not have winter clothes. I had just the perfect pair of barely used boots for this little boy. So I cleaned them and collected some other things (things Averleigh won't miss, since she hasn't seen yet :)) Explained to her we were going to take these things to my office for a little boy. She got confused thought I was taking her own I explained more as we were readying to go and she repeated "to keep me warm" and I agreed yes, this will keep him warm. (toddlers and pronouns y'know). To which she replied "make me so happy" then tried to correct herself "make him so happy" and it was all I could do not to burst into tears. She had it right on both counts I think. We got there, added our things and she was so proud and happy to see everything collected. I sure love being her momma and learning from her ;) I'm sorry about your momma, I bet you taught her a lot growing up too? Wishing you and yours some peace and joy

  2. agreed. Sandy Hook is in my children's district and I struggle for what would help these families as they struggle to understand why. I am lucky; I get to hold my kids close. All help is welcome help. Thank you Monique for this

  3. This is a wonderful video and I shared it on Facebook. Last year my family just gave stocking stuffers (we're all adults and the youngest--my nephew--is 22 [he still got gifts]) so I increased my charitable giving and gave to about 5 local charities. You are so right about the wasteful consumerism--everything from the decorating to the food to the gifts. Our money would be better spent elsewhere (although I suppose it keeps people employed). I'm so sorry that Dec. is difficult for you and about your mother. But Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Monique, from my heart to yours.


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