Sunday, December 02, 2012

Mea culpa and a peace offering...

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Just a quick little post. I am putting off my Challenge of Color Part 2 post til later in the week (don't even ask LOL). To make it up to you I am linking this sweet video, especially for anyone who is silly enough to THROW OUT their old Christmas cards. Heck, after watching this, I may grab all the boxes on clearance after the Big Day!

I first saw this yesterday on Eva Maria Keiser Designs, an amazing site posting, as far as I can figure, several times each day! She shares beading, colour, crochet, paper, recycling and much more (oh, you beaders will love her designs) including lots of videos. So check Eva out!

Gotta run, my favorite Christmas movie is starting... always makes me cry... several times. "It's a Wonderful Life"... dating myself!


  1. This is such a busy time of year --we all need to make sure we take the time to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas, so enjoy the movie. The post will still be there to do later :-)

  2. Love it's a wonderful life!!!!today I had great plans for all the things I would accomplish....mwell something's don't go as planned.


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