Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just in Case...

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Lori's First Bead Soup

This is a public service announcement... in case there is anyone in the galaxy who hasn't yet heard:


There, that's my civic duty done. Here is the link to Lori's once a year event. She explains EVERYTHING you need to know, so no need for me to elaborate.

To be completely honest, I haven't yet decided whether I will be taking part. This party is huge... and I am am such a party-pooper by nature! I've had a few issues with receiving mail in a timely manner from certain locales. Add my need for control in the mix... blah, blah, blah... I'm starting to see this for what it is: fear of commitment. Emphasis on the FEAR!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recycled Hearts

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Here's a kid-friendly, quick and easy (and green) Valentine's craft from the Create for Less blog. Could be adapted for any theme. This was shared by the crafty and vintage-loving Stephanie of A Geek in Glasses. Thanks Stephanie! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Enter to Win from The Beading Gem!

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Here's another give-away from Pearl at The Beading Gem, folks. This draw is INTERNATIONAL and will end Monday, January 28, 2013. **YOU MUST ENTER AT PEARL'S BLOG, JUST CLICK ON THE LINK.** In a previous shout-out I apparently (and unintentionally) was not clear about that. My apologies! Here is the lovely prize: 

A letter set from ImpressArt in the winner's choice of font. These stamps are made especially for use on metal. I rarely stamp in metal, but I love the stamps for writing neatly on the backs of polymer clay projects, like this one for the Challenge of Color blog hop last year:

Good luck in the give-away, everyone!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Up to the Sky...

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This is a quickie! Back in November, the charming Jennifer of Glass Addictions organized a wonderful charm exchange/auction. I was the fortunate recipient of eight beautiful handmade charms. I naturally wanted more!! I haunted the auction and was able to procure even more than I could have dreamed, including a match to my gifted charm from Shaiha's Ramblings. A little while back I made them into earrings:

Click on the last link for the gentle story behind Shaiha's design. I really love these guys, Shaiha... you did such a great job that I added only ear wires and these were DONE. I've received loads of compliments each time I wear them, too! I can't wait to do this again next year.

Yes, I have a few plans for my other charms. But I am still admiring them and not ready to "share" yet. Now check out what wire-coiling wiz Perri Jackson made with her set of charms... awesome!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Etsy Shop: Finland's OthelDesign

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When I spy a new seller on Etsy, I am usually struck by conflicting emotions: envy and greed. As in, wish I had the courage... and I can't wait to buy some of these! This is a shop I have been eagerly anticipating since I first started following Susanna's blog last August. Her jewellery creations are eclectic and the clay pendants are fantastical and humorous. This is the pendant and necklace I fell in love with this past summer:

Tell me that face doesn't conceal a joyful secret! You can see more on her blog Othel Lehto. I've seen these cool pendants used on the sites of other Finnish jewellery artists as well. When the latest post came up today, I immediately noticed the familiar clickable Etsy thumbnail. Hooray! Susanna just opened a shop. This is one of the awesome necklaces that are for sale there:

Rustic Animal Face Necklace

I am so hitting this shop for pendants when I am on speaking terms with my Mastercard again LOL.

Check out this adorable polymer clay tutorial Susanna featured last month which is called "Make your own dirty Christmas pig" (O.K. Google translation). I would use these year-round, are they not the sweetest?

Best of luck with your newest Etsy venture, Susanna, and I look forward to admiring more of your work!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enter to Win: Cool Jewels from Texas

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I am having a very restful January, thank you very much! While I take a break from creating, I'm continuing to pass on information about various giveaways as I learn of them. Here's the latest (this is open to INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS):

This sweet blingy bracelet was handmade by Karla of Texas Pepper Jams. She has a great review of the book "Easy Crystal Stitching... Sophisticated Jewelry" by Nikia Angel, published by Kalmbach Books, and has been trying projects from the book.  Included in the draw is a pair of earrings (not pictured). Click on the link above. **The draw is January 20, 2013.

Fair warning, folks: Karla and hubby Art are the talented cooks behind a line of Pepper Jams and Pepper Fudge. While perusing their blog, you may become HOPELESSLY AND DELICIOUSLY DISTRACTED by the recipes and pics. Don't forget to comment to win the bracelet and earrings (while you are drooling!)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Pearl's Mandrel Giveaway

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I don't use cabochons, nor do I do much wire-wrapping, but I know many of you love these design elements. I am happy to pass on a giveaway by Pearl of The Beading Gem's Journal for this very cool

Engraved Wire Wrapping Mandrel Set


 I guess these little guys make it much easier and faster to do that tricky wire work on those slippery cabs. 

Just go to Pearl's post and follow her instructions to take part. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

Good luck, everyone!

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