Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Up to the Sky...

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This is a quickie! Back in November, the charming Jennifer of Glass Addictions organized a wonderful charm exchange/auction. I was the fortunate recipient of eight beautiful handmade charms. I naturally wanted more!! I haunted the auction and was able to procure even more than I could have dreamed, including a match to my gifted charm from Shaiha's Ramblings. A little while back I made them into earrings:

Click on the last link for the gentle story behind Shaiha's design. I really love these guys, Shaiha... you did such a great job that I added only ear wires and these were DONE. I've received loads of compliments each time I wear them, too! I can't wait to do this again next year.

Yes, I have a few plans for my other charms. But I am still admiring them and not ready to "share" yet. Now check out what wire-coiling wiz Perri Jackson made with her set of charms... awesome!


  1. These are so pretty! Really that's all you had to do was ear wires. Works for me! Thanks for the visit
    Terri G.

  2. Oh these are really cute earrings! Keep showing us what you are doing with all those little charms ;)

  3. what little beauties! i love em! that charm bracelet was fantastic.

  4. Beautiful combo of colors - blue with the silver birds. They are very lovely!

  5. Love those blue beads and the birds are very special.


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