Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Etsy Shop: Finland's OthelDesign

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When I spy a new seller on Etsy, I am usually struck by conflicting emotions: envy and greed. As in, wish I had the courage... and I can't wait to buy some of these! This is a shop I have been eagerly anticipating since I first started following Susanna's blog last August. Her jewellery creations are eclectic and the clay pendants are fantastical and humorous. This is the pendant and necklace I fell in love with this past summer:

Tell me that face doesn't conceal a joyful secret! You can see more on her blog Othel Lehto. I've seen these cool pendants used on the sites of other Finnish jewellery artists as well. When the latest post came up today, I immediately noticed the familiar clickable Etsy thumbnail. Hooray! Susanna just opened a shop. This is one of the awesome necklaces that are for sale there:

Rustic Animal Face Necklace

I am so hitting this shop for pendants when I am on speaking terms with my Mastercard again LOL.

Check out this adorable polymer clay tutorial Susanna featured last month which is called "Make your own dirty Christmas pig" (O.K. Google translation). I would use these year-round, are they not the sweetest?

Best of luck with your newest Etsy venture, Susanna, and I look forward to admiring more of your work!


  1. Thank you, Monique! This was a lovely surprise. I want to do my best with my Etsy shop and my blog. I am sorry it is only in Finnish, but pictures have no language, I guess.

  2. "Make your own Dirty Christmas Pig" has me roaring! She makes some really cool pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Very original clay work and I like what she does with metal too.

  4. I can't stop giggling over "dirty Christmas Pig" lol


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