Monday, January 07, 2013

Pearl's Mandrel Giveaway

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I don't use cabochons, nor do I do much wire-wrapping, but I know many of you love these design elements. I am happy to pass on a giveaway by Pearl of The Beading Gem's Journal for this very cool

Engraved Wire Wrapping Mandrel Set


 I guess these little guys make it much easier and faster to do that tricky wire work on those slippery cabs. 

Just go to Pearl's post and follow her instructions to take part. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. This IS a great give away....I have to say I am an absolute novice when it comes to cabochon setting. Would definitely be a great skill to learn!

  2. Ooo I put my name in the hat when Pearl did the draw. I'd love to throw my hat in again, Monique. I think these bezel forms are very cool!

  3. Ooops what a Bozo I am... read too fast. Thought you were giving away the set that you won from Pearl. Is Pearl doing another draw? Was pretty sure I entered that draw a long time ago. Any way... will go and try again over at Pearls... and here I thought my odds were so great since there was only 2 others in the running! lol

  4. Sounds like MY "speed-reading", Cindy, sometimes I see what I want to see LOL. Pearl does giveaways regularly, beads, tools, gift certificates... here is the list of past draws:

    I know she had over 300 entries for these mandrels, so obviously it was a popular one!

    Pearl's is a blog worth following, both for the "freebies" and many wonderful features... showcasing readers' jewellery, tutorials, reviews, etc.

  5. That is the coolest thing ever I didn't even know they existed!


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