Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amazing Polymer Clay Cane

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I was so impressed with, and moved by, this touching work from France's Sophie Arzalier (of the blog Cristalline). She shared this yesterday, calling it a work in progress, and accompanied by a beautiful dedication. Sophie singles out friends and family, but devotes her wonderful design also "à toutes les mamans" (to all mothers), especially those who "have struggled and continue to struggle in order to become mothers", those "remembering their own mothers" and "those who have known the joy of motherhood". These translations are my own. If you read French, it is well worth a visit to experience Sophie's poetic and uplifting words in her own tongue.

Sophie Arzalier is a talented polymer clay artist, teacher and the author of Tout sur... Les bijoux en pâte polymère (2009), a book about creating PC jewellery which has also been translated into Dutch and English. She shares many free cane tutorials on her blog. I hope she will someday develop a tutorial on this sublime cane design. Bravo, Sophie! 


  1. That is an amazing cane!!!! You did a nice job!!!!

  2. Wow beautiful work!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! and my g+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Oh wow! I'm COMPLETELY amazed and in awe of her work; THAT is talent if I've ever seen it :)

    Thank you for sharing her work with everyone!

  4. I am always amazed by cane work but this goes beyond amazing. Sophie is extremely talented, a true polymer clay artist.


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