Sunday, March 31, 2013

Colourful Crane Mobile

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Here's a fun way to display all those paper cranes. This is in beautiful spring colours but would be stunning in all-white, too.

The full instructions for this mobile are on the Instructables website. Here is the worm's-eye view:

Don't have any paper cranes lying around? Here's a quick video from Youtube. A good craft for some downtime after the chocolate rush wears off tomorrow!


 Happy Easter/Spring Day to all you bloggers! 


  1. Ah, that's such a gorgeous idea! Must get myself some paper one of these days, I love origami :)

  2. Ha! actually I do have origami cranes lying around! So glad we both finally got some sun this weekend! yeah for sunshine!!

  3. That is really nice. I love all the bright, happy colours!

  4. Cool. The cats would love it especially if it caught a breeze and rustled around a bit.

  5. Each year I'd read Sadako and the One Thousand Paper Cranes to my fourth grade class. Each year, I'd choke back the tears. After teaching the students how to make the paper cranes, we'd create our own Peace Memorial in the classroom. Love your mobile!

  6. The mobile is wonderful and so colorful. I doubt that I'd have the patience to fold so many origami cranes. :)

  7. Do you believe that last week my neighbor gave me a pamphlet with instructions for making the cranes and several pieces of paper? I've only made one and it sure doesn't look right. I need to check out these instructions.


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