Sunday, March 17, 2013

Incredible Glass Art from Germany (Giveaway)

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So y'all know I can never resist an artist who wants to give someone their handmade pretties, right? The text on the photo below explains it quite well, but I've included a few more links for your drooling pleasure:

Click here to go to FB giveaway!

Karolin Wagner of Bermbach, Germany sells her amazing miniature creations through her Etsy shop. I love them all but this little guy taking shelter from the raindrops stole my heart:

Click here to go to this fella's Etsy listing!

**In case you missed it: THIS GIVEAWAY WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 31st, 2013** and you must enter on Karo's Glasmagie FB page. Good luck to everyone!  

Thank you so much for offering 
your adorable horse sculpture, Karolin.


  1. Just amazing, such small pieces with so much detail! Thanks for sharing and for letting us know about the give-away! :)

  2. Those tiny glass sculptures are just amazing. I'm drawn to pretty much anything made from glass, glad I dropped by and saw your post on these. I'm loving the butterflies and parrots.


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