Monday, March 04, 2013

Sand and Sea Sneak Peek

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Quite a while back, I received this sparkly collection of beads from Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist blog, in conjunction with her Bead Table Blog Hop II (Sand and Sea Edition). The bead collections are in two possible colourways: either "sand" tones (tan, brown, etc.) or "sea" tones (blues, greens, etc.) Lisa made the selection for each of the twenty participants. I was absolutely thrilled when I opened my parcel and learned I would be creating with a blue palette!

Here is a photo collage of what I received from Lisa:

A pretty selection of glass and pearl!

No, that top photo is NOT my design! *TeeHee* I just needed to string my collection so I could get an idea of relative sizes and weights.

The idea is to use just the components provided by Lisa, and possibly combine some extra/leftover/miscellaneous stuff from our own bead table. We will be sharing what we have created on **MARCH 9th, 2013**, next Saturday. We will have a list of participant links, so you can enjoy a leisurely blog hop and be inspired by the colours of Sand and Sea. Hope to see you there! 



  1. Awesome! I wish I was playing along. Looks like a great selection to play with.

  2. Indeed! Lucky you to get this wonderful stash of beads. I'll definitely be back March 9th to see what you've created.


  3. Look at how GORGEOUS those beads are! Reminds me of the soup that I just received (which I have yet to blog about). I'm quite excited to see what you create with what you were given ^.^

    We definitely need a little sand and sea to bring forth the warmer weather!

  4. What a great mix of beads! Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. I love your earring design so much I am going to make myself a pair similar with some of my left over beads! I mean that as a compliment! Your bracelet is co cute with that great tile piece.


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