Saturday, June 01, 2013

Put Your Best Foot Forward!

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Today is our reveal for Kashmira's Anklet Blog Hop! While I have had my little anklets made for quite a while (so unlike me, I usually like that last-minute "rush"!)... of course, I did leave it to this past week to lasso my lovely models for some outdoor "action shots". I am thankful we finally had a couple of warm days so we all felt summer is around the corner. 

Unfortunately, this has been accompanied by an unusually strong wave of POLLEN. It is rare for me to even notice the pollen season coming and going, but this year I feel like my head and chest are stuffed with cotton batting, and sleep is about the only activity I feel really excited about. I may be a little slower getting around to all the blogs for that reason.

I thought I would go with a very traditional design this time, which I made in two colourways. I wanted something pretty and delicate, but totally wearable for a 17-year-old lady.

Believe me, my big clumsy hands had a hard time dealing with these tiny chains: 3.7 mm parallel curb chain (not so bad) and 2.6 mm Figaro (real pain). Must add a chain-holder to my tools if I want to work with these again.

Details of little Swarovski beads:

Now some pics of the twin nieces wearing their anklets (thank you for sharing your lovely ankles, girls!!)

Both colours...

Rhodium parallel chain hung with yellow gold plated figaro
and 4 mm aquamarine and sunflower Swarovski bicones.
A little polymer clay charm added to this one.

Rhodium parallel chain hung with rose gold plated figaro
and 4 mm peridot and light rose Swarovski bicones

Sooooo... this has been a fun learning experience, Kashmira. Thanks for hosting this blog hop!

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  1. Those are both beautiful! I can see them getting a lot of wear this summer :) you may find yourself getting requests for more, from them and their friends ;)

    Better get to work making that chain holder!

  2. Monique these are lovely. I really like the mix of metals and the drape effect you achieved. I used a model too. No way I was using my ankle

  3. even had models! :) Simply delicate and they drape so nicely.

  4. How clever of you to mix metals. It isn't anything I've seen before so I love it. I especially love the title of this post I must say.

  5. Those are both so cute. I really like the one with the peridot. Probably because that's my birthstone. And it's so delicate looking. Very pretty.

  6. The effort you put into figuring out this design really paid off, Monique. The beautiful way they drape on the ankle is just lovely. Kudos for creating something so unique.


  7. Love your anklets. Twins! As I've said many times, I've always loved making things. The day after I turned 15 years old, my Mom had twin girls and I made all of their clothes for them when they entered the fourth grade. I had so much fun making their clothes, but I found that the first one was a blast - the second one was work! Now that they are 45, they don't want me to make their clothes anymore! Enjoyed your post and the title was great!

  8. These are gorgeous! Who wouldn't love these - 17 or older!! :-)
    I love that you have both silver and gold in your anklets and the way they drape is especially pleasing - very lovely deisngs (both of them!!).

  9. Lovely and perfect for this summer when the fashion turns to shorts and exposes lots of leg. :)

  10. I really like your design for both bracelets... really cute on the twins too!

  11. No :((( So sorry you're under the pollen :(((

    Those chains are definitely hard to work with, and much harder when you have to drape and match up sections like that. Love how they look! Bet the nieces are happy girls right now!

    Thanks for joining in, Mon! Hope you feel better sooooooooooon!

  12. Oh Monique, They are super cute. I like the carefree way you used both silver and gold and the fact that the silver chain hugs the ankle tight and the thinner gold one makes the beautiful wavy drape. Indeed you worked hard manipulating that thin chain. But they were 100% worth it. Great design. Dita

  13. Fun Monique. I absolutely love the swag look! And that polymer charm adds a beautiful touch.

  14. I love the crystal colors you paired together! And they hang so pretty! I would wear these even though I'm far from 17 :)

  15. I'm not 17 but I would love to wear your delicate chains, especially the second one! I like the swag & the polymer charm. I tried my hand at polymer this past week. It is so fun - I made buttons & beads. You inspired me awhile back on one of the blog hops we did. I will be posting about that later. Thanks for the inspiration and love your anklets!

  16. These are sweet. I love the two-toned chains and the beautiful crystals. Hope your nieces enjoyed the event too!

  17. I love your designs and how they incorporate two different colors of chains. I also love the scallops! Great anklets!!

  18. I so love both of your designs.. Great job.

  19. I love crystals and I think they are perfect for an anklet. Light and sparkling!

  20. I loved your anklets and the traditional design. The swags are awesome! I would wear those in a heartbeat! Great job!

    Gina H

  21. Those are wonderful anklets! I love the double chains in your patterns!

  22. Gorgeous anklets, so very pretty!

  23. Your swagged, two chain design is so feminine and yields lots of adornment with very little weight. Nice work!

  24. I think you totally nailed it! Sorry the pollen has got you so uncomfortable, hopefully it is done soon.

  25. I LOVE the scalloped design you created with your chains, and the title of your post is great! I'm smiling :) Beautiful anklets! I LOVE them both. Enjoy your summer!

  26. I'm a bit late getting to all the blogs. Your designs are perfect! So cute!


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