Thursday, July 25, 2013

July ABS: The Dragon Glances

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Portrait of Olga in the Armchair, 1917, Pablo Picasso, Oil on Canvas 
(Please note this art is copyrighted and is to be used only as inspiration.)

Below is my entry in this month's Art Bead Scene challenge. *Warning: this contains whining* At the beginning of this month I saw a beautiful hand-carved stamp from India on an online forum (my first time ordering from this well-known but non-Etsy site). This shop is located here in Canada and mailing was advertised as 3-5 days. After 3 weeks I have not received my stamp, nor any response to two emails I have sent to the shop owner. Zero acknowledgement. The motif on the stamps was exactly what I had in mind for this month's painting. Too bad. I will not name the shop FOR NOW because I am still hoping this lack of communication will be straightened out soon.

The Dragon Glances

Luckily, I had this beautiful rubber stamp I purchased some time ago from British Columbia's Joan Tayler Design. I've experimented with parts of it, but this was my first time using the dragon's head (go figure). This ombre medallion is formed in polymer clay. I believe this is the first time I submit an entry which is NOT a bracelet LOL. The chain is heavy gauge rollo in antique copper, matched with silk cord from Marsha Neal and a cotton kumihimo cord woven by yours truly. 

I also love Joan's innovative polymer clay methods, which she shares on her blog, along with marketing and craft fair experiences.

Some details (sorta): I think my basic little camera is showing its age. Too bad it wouldn't just croak, so I could get a free replacement/credit on a new one (say what? Staples 12-month replacement on electronic doodads under $200). But I bought it last July 27, so I have until tomorrow to kill it.

(Insert evil laugh: Mwaaahaaahaaa...)

I was hoping to show the beauty of the two little charms attached to the clasp. They are a pair of many I received and purchased during last November's charm exchange to benefit the Beads of Courage program for sick children. The pretty green sea-glass charm was made by Carolyn Chenault,and the mustard yellow flowered ceramic circle is by Natalie McKenna (Grubbi). Toggle clasp from Rebecca Nunn's "Adorned" line (Michael's, I think), chosen for its tapestry motif. I mixed some metals, which I rarely do. Maybe a work in progress...

Hmmm, I see the flickr site is down for maintenance tonight. Hopefully I'll remember to pop over and add my necklace in the morning.  


  1. ooh, love it Monique! Hope your stamp shows up, it's so disappointing when you order something and it doesn't show up.

  2. I hate that too....when I order something and it gets lost in transit. Love your new piece for the challenge, especially the way the cording & clasp compliment the pendant. Very pretty.

  3. Ooh, the necklace is so beautiful, Monique (sorry for the stamp 'adventure'... I hope it shows up). The dragon stamp is gorgeous, I can see how you can use parts of it - and the head is just perfect for the ABS challenge this month. And matching 3 different media for the actual 'chain' part: how ingenious and how well they go together. Lovely piece :)

  4. All those pretty beads and charms came together perfectly! I love the dragon pendant you made ;)

  5. I love the colors and mix of materials you used. It's a really pretty necklace. The ombre on the pendant is really nice.

  6. I love mixed media jewelry and this necklace is a delight, I can see the time and care you took in making it, it really is lovely!! .

  7. I just hate it when something I order doesn't arrive in a timely manner, especially when I already have an end use for it.

    But your Plan B was great. Love the colors and design and how you incorporated your Kumihimo cord into the piece.

  8. I love how you brought all of the different materials together! I love the pendant you made. I probably wouldn't have thought to use the dragon part of the stamp either.

  9. This is simply gorgeous! Green ... my favorite color, and the stamping is awesome

  10. I love all the greens, my fav color, but I especially like your kumihimo cord.


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