Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 Summer Color Surprise

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Welcome to my reveal for the 2013 Summer Color Surprise, hosted by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures. Waaaaay back in March, Lisa offered to send us some "surprise beads". No one knew what to expect! I requested some artisan beads and was pleased to receive a selection of porcelain by Joan Miller in a lovely green shade and mostly organic shapes.

I knew right away I wanted to pair my beads with a colour which is one of my current favorites. One of the rules of this challenge is to attempt to use only beads in our stash and not buy anything especially for the event (well, as much as possible LOL). And I have a LOT of purple! So here is the bracelet I created:

**Update: strung on 1.5 mm leather cording**

*Update: August 29: I posted earrings to match this bracelet: surprise bonus earrings.*

Now check out what these designers have come up with:  

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Renetha Williams Stanziano   Lamplight Crafts
Leah Mifflin Tees   My Beady Little Eyes
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Molly Alexander   Beautifully Broken Me
Alicia Marinache   All the Pretty Things
Laurie Vyselaar   Lefthand Jewelry
Eleanor Burian-Mohr   The Charmed Life
Julie Lockhart   Copar Aingeal
Dolores Rami   CraftyD's Creations
Elizabeth Bunn   Elizabeth Beads
Mowse Doyle   Mowse Made This
Veralynne Malone   Designed by Vera
Candida Elkins Castleberry   Spun Sugar Beadworks
Shaiha Williams   Shaiha's Ramblings
Christie Searle Murrow   Charis Designs Jewelry
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*Plus go to our Lisa's post to check out what she made* 


  1. The bracelet you created is gorgeous! I love the colours.

  2. Monique, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the green-purple combination, it screams 'summer! summer!' - beautiful. You should have left a pair of the ceramic 'washers' for a matching pair of earrings, I hope you make a set :)

  3. Beautiful bracelet Monique, I love the colors!

  4. love the color combination - adding the purple really made the green pop! love the bracelet!

  5. Monique - I am loving this purple and green color combination. Your bracelet is so beautiful - I just love it! Everything goes together in just the right way. Thanks for being in the hop!

  6. Love this. The color combo just pops out. I love it.

  7. Love the softness of the color palette you've designed with. So easy on the eyes. And the knotting technique really let's each individual beads show off well. Bravo!


  8. I LOVE purple - you've matched the colors up very nicely!

  9. So pretty- the color combo and the knotting is simply lovely! Christie

  10. I love it! I love the colors and design :-)

  11. Oooooo! I love the green & purple color combination - beautiful job! :)

  12. What a great bracelet! It follows so nicely and I am envious of the ease in which you mix the different style beads.

  13. I love purple and green together. Your design is very creative and makes a wonderful bracelet.

  14. Love this bracelet and the green purple color combo. The bone beads are such a pleasing shape!

  15. Oh, I am such a purple person!!!!!! I love how they really matched up with the green! Great job!

  16. Your creation is so fresh and comfortable looking . . . something that would pair so easily with just about anything. I just made a piece for my brother using a similar cord and I thought tt was somewhat difficult to work with. I like how polished and finished your ends look . . . mine did not turn out nearly that good! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and for the inspiration!

  17. What a great colour combination!

  18. Great colors and a fun piece!

  19. This is such a great combination! Love your choices!

  20. I love the color combination! I never knew purple and green would go so well together. Your bracelet is beautiful.

  21. How beautifully you put those colors together. Wonderful!

  22. Green and purple are a lovely combination, gorgeous bracelet! Love it!

  23. Everything has been said, the colors are great, the softness of the leather, the knotting and the whole design are simply great. I love it.

  24. Such a beautiful bracelet!! Gorgeous! Well done!

  25. Your bracelet is awesome, love that color combo!

  26. Beautiful confluence of art beads for a sophisticated, yet summery and lovely, design! Love the combination of glass, the Miller porcelain, the dyed bone and oh that Indian Creek glass! Outstanding and beautiful.


  27. That's beautiful. Hope you get the tutorial, it's incredible.

  28. Such fresh colors! A lovely bracelet ;)

  29. Oh, the purple goes perfectly with that green. I like how many art beads you were able to pack into one bracelet. Beautiful.


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