Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alenka's Blogoversary Celebration Blog Hop

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Hello visitors and fellow creators! Welcome to my reveal for Alenka Obid's Blogoversary Blog Hop. Alenka decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of her blog, Pepita-handmade, by giving some of US the gifts. Here are the beauties I received:

Alenka recalled that her swap partner Amy Severino named these "Yabba, dabba DOOO" beads, on her BSBP post one year ago today, because of their "prehistoric... archaeological" feel. Yes, I can totally see Wilma Flintstone rockin' these, Amy! 

I naturally gravitated toward organic materials to display these stunning beads: I have a growing collection of exotic wood beads and looked there first:

Bayong, nangka, robles, sibuaco, tiger ebony, etc. I was 
SURE those orange sibuaco rectangles bottom center 
would be part of my design!

Then I looked through some stones, ceramic, even sister PC beads... it was only when I got these pretty/wonky Indonesian lampies I had ordered (for another project, naturally) that I found my perfect marriage.

So finally here is my earring design featuring Alenka's marvelous crackled-surface beads. They insisted on getting blinged up for this event, Alenka... and they are ready to go dancing!

With a nod to Amy Severino, I am naming these
"Wilma Goes Dancing"

Thanks so much for allowing me to help celebrate your blogoversary, Alenka... many happy returns!

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  1. Oh what fun earrings! These beads are so unusual and very cute ;)

  2. Hi Monique,
    What can I say? Yabba-dabba-dooooo!!! What a fun and cute pair of earrings, I'm sure Wilma would be happy to wear them ;-)
    Thank you very much for participating in my blogoversary celebration!

  3. Love the play of the colours, orange and blue are very dynamic together.

  4. This really looks like a very good marriage as you write... :-)the perfect colour match! Wishing you a happy summer with these ♥beauties.

  5. Those are beautiful earrings. Colourful and fun!

  6. I can see Wilma rocking those earrings. Great job Monique.The blue makes your crackled surface beads really pop.

  7. ha! what fun these are!! and totally loving the tassels on the ends :)

  8. Those are beautiful beads and beautiful earrings. Dancing earrings for sure!

  9. Amazingly fun earrings as well as your post. Have a great week. Ana

  10. Hi Monique,
    Wow those are some super Yaba Daba Doo earrings. They look like they have good movement and the tassels I can imagine must tickle the neck. Gorgeous work!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous earrings, great job, perfect combination!

  12. These are delightful! I love the colors--and the tassels! I think you did a wonderful job. :)

  13. The lampworks and the yabba-dabba-dos work perfectly together. Gorgeous dancing earrings!

  14. Love your fun earrings, you did a great job of finding the perfect match to go with Alenka's beads.


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