Monday, September 30, 2013

Jessica's Sexy Fundraiser for Breast Health

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Greetings, all! It has been exactly a month since I posted. I needed a "health break", but you know that the longer one is absent, the more difficult it becomes to jump back in. So I will keep this short and totally un-jewelry-related.

As many of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with many projects and much fundraising on the go throughout. Jessica of Whimsical Monkey posted her delightful beaded bra creation, for the BRAvo! community organization. **Please hop to her post and consider voting at the BRAvo! site (link is on Jessica's post). What a great way to get the message out about cancer prevention! In her own words:

"I have submitted this bra in my mother's honor (she is a 17 year breast cancer survivor). The funds raised by BRAvo! will be used to provide Community Benefit Mammograms (“no charge” mammograms) for women who are unable to pay for the screening."

Thanks for sharing your creativity for such a great cause, Jessica!


  1. Hope all is well with you. Missed your blog!

  2. Welcome back. Great post! That bra is way too pretty to cover up ;)


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