Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thank you, Jim!

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This time lapse video of less than three minutes has gotten over 5 million views since it was posted November 6. As we prepare to celebrate Remembrance Day/Veterans Day, this is a glimpse at hidden dignity so close to the surface. As always, many of the 8000+ comments that follow are just as enlightening, for good or bad. I wonder if we are asking ourselves the right questions...


  1. Oh gosh I cry every time I see our veterans experiencing hard times. They give their all to keep us safe and see that we remain a nation of freedom. Thanks so much for sharing this video. And yes, we are asking the wrong questions and doing very little about this issue.

  2. What an amazing transformation, and wonderful video. Homeless veterans? How does such a thing even exist? It's so shameful of our society that the people that put their lives on the line to keep us safe face such difficulties.

  3. An amazing transformation. It must be tough for people, especially veterans to accept help. I am glad there was someone there for him.


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