Friday, December 20, 2013

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So here it is, almost Christmas, folks. The decorating is all done, special food prepared, seasonal music enjoyed, friends visited, perhaps even some gifts bought and wrapped? I've been busy with all that, too; unfortunately I've not been making much jewelry. But I will share three wonderful pairs I sneaked in, mostly because they involved ZERO creativity on my part, but instead rely on the loving care and talent donated by some very special artists.

I've used the amazing charms I received/bought on the Art Charm Swap, added my favorite headpins/earring hooks by Soul of Somanya and voilà: 100% handmade awesomeness.

First up, wonderful wire-wrapped hearts by Alicia Marinache (link to her post showing all the pretties in their wondrous variety). In Alicia's own words: "Asymmetrical, made of antique bronze, with a sparkle of colour in a small jade charm. A charm in a charm :) They are all unique in their own way, exactly like love is: cheerful, and happy, and colourful, and never the same!" I received one on the swap and made it my mission to secure another! They are paired with African headpins in oxidized brass which I formed into earwires.

The second pair features the blissful bead-weaving of Nancy Dale (link to Nancy's post, where she describes her inspiration for these beauties): "Prospective beaus in romance novels are quite consistent about bringing the lady in question blooms of one sort or another... I love Forget Me Nots!  Delicate, and a glorious shade of blue, a matte sort of white, with just a touch of a lemony yellow… Made with size 11 and 15 seed beads, in the closest blue I could find to the real thing, five petals surrounding a Swarovski 6mm chaton crystal." Naturally, I very much wanted a pair of these as well :) I felt the simple sterling earwires, also purchased from Soul of Somanya, were the perfect accompaniment.

This third pair showcase the awesome rustic-styled charms, all handmade by Terri Del Signore (link to her post). I have once again dug into my stash of Ghanian handmade headpins to form the earwires, this time in antiqued copper. Here is how Terri described her approach to the theme of the swap, which was love: "The ceramic cross bead... represents the ultimate sacrifice done out of love! The copper hoop, also made by me, is a circle that has long represented the idea of 'never ending'. The two combined represent my faith and that I can think of no greater love than the never ending love of God!"  And what a fitting theme as we celebrate His birth!

I hope everyone is enjoying moments of Peace, Love and Joy in this busy season. May this year-end provide renewal and appreciation of our many blessings!

**Blog hop linkies below the video so you can check out what everyone has shared this week! Also check the AJE Pinterest board for lots more.**

Of course, I can't leave without adding a favorite French carol, here sung by Ottawa's award-winning The Stairwell Carollers (more amazing a cappella works on their Youtube channel):


  1. Thank you for buying and making earrings with my charms! They turned out great with those headings!!

  2. Thank you for buying and making earrings with my charms! They turned out great with those headings!!

  3. All are lovely, Monique. I'm especially fond of the last pair with your explanation of their meaning. And the last little gift in your post was just beautiful…with that gorgeous Christmas carol. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful!! I especially love the crosses.. they are a rich, gorgeous colour!!

  5. Beautiful earrings!! Thanks so much for participating in our little challenge, I hope you had fun!! Have a wonderful Holiday and 2014 to come!!!

  6. Wonderful earring, each with their own personality. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. These are all beautiful designs Monique. I really like the third set, love Terri'd interpretation on the LOVE theme! Happy Holidays girlfriend!! xxoo Shelley

  8. Monique thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment, it was very cheering. I wish you a wonderful happy, healthy and prosperous new Year.


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