Monday, December 16, 2013

♪ Unique Hungarian Christmas Tree ♫

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This is an amazing Christmas tree on display in Budapest, Hungary. A beautiful design AND it will be recycled for a special group of children (see below):

"This year the Palace of Arts in Budapest celebrates Christmas with an 11 meters high Christmas tree. Hello Wood, a local architecture and design studio, has built a special installation made out of 365 sleighs – it will stand in front of the Palace of Arts until the end of the holidays. After Christmas, the temporary structure will be disassembled and the sleighs will be donated to the little inhabitants of the SOS Children’s Village in Hungary."

You can see more photos here, including the lighted tree at night. Here you can view a video of the installation.

And because I can't resist the beautiful Christmas music of Europe, here is a Hungarian carol (and lots of nativity pictures... my favorite):

Mennyből az angyal (Angel from heaven)

Mennyből az angyal lejött hozzátok
(The angel came down from heaven to you)
Pásztorok, pásztorok!
(Shepherds, shepherds!)

Hogy Betlehembe sietve menvén
(Passing in haste to Bethlehem)
Lássátok, lássátok.
(Behold, behold.)

Istennek fia , aki született
(Son of God who was born)
Jászolban, jászolban.
(In manger, in manger.)

Ö leszen néktek üdvözítőtök
(He will be your Savior)
Valóban, valóban.
(Indeed, indeed.)

Mellette vagyon az édesanyja
(Next to him is his mother)
Mária, Mária.
(Maria, Maria.)

Barmok közt fekszik
(Lying among the cattles)
Jászolban nyugszik
(Resting in the manger)
Szent fia, szent fia, 
(Her holy son, her holy son.)

*Translation by Angela Kovács


  1. Beautiful post. In Hungary, they're doing it the right way. Now, I'm off to search for Portuguese Christmas carols...

  2. ack - having one of those days! Read your post, got excited and followed the links, got distracted on Pinterest .... and then realized "oh geez, forgot to let Monique know what a great post this was!" clearly, it got me inspired :)

  3. 365 sleighs! Spectacular. I clicked on the link to see it lit up, and it is as amazing as I thought it would be.

  4. Beautiful! they know how to do it, indeed!


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