Thursday, January 30, 2014

100 Pairs 100 Days: Part 3

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Today is my third installment for the "100 Pairs 100 Days" Challenge hosted by Amy Freeland of  Copper Diem. Amy is a longtime booster for Ears to You,  an organization which distributes earrings to women undergoing cancer treatments. 

Here is my third set of 10 pairs (if they look familiar, that's because these were made as part of my Creative Continuum of Seven Artists January reveal, using challenge components, but designed with Amy's donation in mind... 2birds1stone):

Faux abalone on silver-plated posts

It's never too late to join Amy as she creates for a great cause :) I will be back on February 9th to share Part 4. Hint: It will be a heartfelt collection :)

**Close-ups, and details on components, are on the 100 Pairs 100 Days Pinterest board**

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