Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog Hop Reminder and New Giveaway

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I just wanted to remind everyone that today, JANUARY 15th, is the LAST DAY to sign up for Vicki's Grow Your Blog event. I just checked and she has almost 500 comments. If you have forgotten and intend to sign up, get over there NOW. The link above will take you to the correct post.

The photo on the right is the beautiful etched copper bracelet being given away by Deborah Read this month. Click here to enter and see more pics. I believe the draw is the last day of the month and is open to everyone.  Deb has regular giveaways and is even planning an EXTRA one in conjunction with the Grow Your Blog event. 

See you all at Grow Your Blog!


  1. I'm signed up - it's going to be a busy blog weekend! I'm still mulling over giveaway ideas

  2. Hey loonies my phone decided to not be evil ;)

    1. Well I said "lookie" but I guess we know who got the last word

  3. Well, it's the 16th and I missed the sign up....darn it. Maybe I will catch the next one.


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