Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Challenge #1: Low-Spend Goals Second Update

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This is my second check-in for the No-Low Spend Challenge hosted by Carla of My 1/2 Dozen Daily. To recap my goals (actions in italics... as I thought the CAPS just way too annoying...):

1/ Limit my shopping to two days per week (Tuesdays and Fridays) **: I was too lazy to gas up the car on Tuesday night, so I went Wednesday morning. Straight there and back, no shopping :) This is a psychological sticking point for me, as I always try to combine trips and hate leaving the driveway for a SINGLE errand. In the past, that has turned into an excuse to shop for things I "need" :(**

2/ Plan all my meals ahead of time, preferably weekly **I succeeded in meal-planning 7/7**

3/ Develop a savings plan **This morning, I opened a new account in ANOTHER BANK and deposited a small amount ($50). As soon as I got home, I registered online for paperless statements. There is actually a $2./month charge for printed statements. I think this is pretty common in most banks. Check to see if your bank does this!

IMHO, they are smart to force people to do all that online. Last year I bought a cheap paper shredder to destroy old statements, bills, etc., and it was an all-day job (let's just say I am a person who kept ALL that stuff... for years. No more.) 

You'll recall my reason for opening an account in another bank was A/ to make it less accessible/visible, and B/ get out of the habit of transferring money out of savings.**

4/ Investigate part-time work which will not interfere with my home responsibilities **No new action taken. All the jobs I saw the previous week were full-time or nearly.**

5/ NEW GOAL from last check-in: Set aside a "bumper" for unplanned or emergency spending in the budget: **I now have a $100./month space in the budget for emergency/unplanned. I refuse to call it "miscellaneous". I haven't yet decided what to do with this amount in the long run.**


And a thumbs up to Nan of Wired Nan, who took me up on my invitation to join KIVA last week. Nan got a FREE loan, I got a FREE loan, plus Nan recruited another member, so the good work is growing! KIVA was awarded the Charity Navigator's highest rating. I want a huge bang for my buck when it comes to giving!

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