Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Challenge #1: Low-Spend Goals Third Update

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This is my third check-in for the No-Low Spend Challenge hosted by Carla of My 1/2 Dozen Daily. To recap my goals (actions in italics):

1/ Limit my shopping to two days per week (Tuesdays and Fridays): **I had to double-check my receipts to be sure... I finally had a week with NO unplanned spending. Yay!**

2/ Plan all my meals ahead of time, preferably weekly: **I succeeded in meal-planning 6/7. We had a "leftovers banquet" on the weekend.**

3/ Develop a savings plan: **A new account was opened last week. I think, going forward, I will make small deposits on biweekly paydays.** 

4/ Investigate part-time work which will not interfere with my home responsibilities: **I am investigating two new job postings which suit my limited availability, and for fields in which I have experience.**

5/ Set aside a "bumper" for unplanned or emergency spending in the budget: **I now have a $100./month space in the budget for emergency/unplanned. For now I will roll this into savings, but still need to separate it from long-term savings as its goal is different.**

Hope everyone else is having a prosperous January!


This will be my last KIVA update. I felt January was a good time to examine my past loans since joining this great organization in September 2012. I have been able to lend 33 times since then, so an average of 2 loans per month. At first this money was coming out of the budget... which I have to admit was not missed, I just cut back a little on take-out coffee. It is amazing how much I used to spend on coffee: $25./month is less than $1./day.

Now that I am carrying multiple loans, the repayments every month, though small, allow me to make new loans without cost, IF I WISH. 

I hope anyone interested will check out KIVA today... I am happy I did, and have never felt pressure to lend more than I am comfortable doing. 

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