Saturday, February 22, 2014

ABS Challenge February 2014

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“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful that thorn bushes have roses.” 

― Tom Wilson, Ziggy cartoonist/author

I've been less hit than miss with the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. Happily, this month's painting has remedied that!

The Rose Garden, 1920  by Paul Klee
Oil on cardboard 19 1/4" x 16 3/4 "

Very much not my usual, this artwork immediately had me grabbing bits to form a whole. I was a fibre aficionado for many years, and I think it was the ABS reference to a "patchwork quilt" that may have kicked my reptilian brain :)

Last year, Linda Landig offered some interesting destash components, and I received these bold pieces of fossilized coral in a trapezoid shape, and with lovely "sunburst" patterns. I love how they mimic the buildings in the painting, but also have the look of paving stones in a garden.

Growing between the paving stones you will spy my own rose cane slice, in a more rudimentary shape. I previously used this Cindy Leitz design in lots of ways.

This little purple stoneware house bead, by Finland's Szilvia Vihriälä (elukka), is one of my favorites. I adore these and can't stop collecting them. Szilvia sells them, along with her inimitable wall art, lovable dog sculptures and much more, at her Etsy shop.

I also love the streaky, crackled glaze effects on the beautiful ceramic round from Desiree Malan's South African studio. You can purchase  these individually hand-shaped beads at Earthbutter Studio and EarthButterBeads, packed with the gorgeous colours of Africa. Coincidentally, Desiree is one of the ABS sponsers this month.

For the necklace cording, I visited Colour Complements, where Lorraine Stobie of British Columbia over-dyes her own "one of a kind" embroidery threads, including this unique viscose ribbon. I combined two colourways to mimic the wonderful colour shifts of the painting. 

Here is my necklace:

Visiting the Garden

I really enjoyed the challenge this month. Check out the ABS flickr page for lots of art-inspired jewelry.


  1. So many beautiful pieces coming together in your necklace. A real masterpiece! Going to have to check out these (new to me) artists! Thx

  2. What a gorgeous response to the inspiration, Monique! Love how you put so much thought into this design and incorporated a lovely variety of other artists' talent, including your very own rose canes.

  3. Monique, I love the way you've used the viscose ribbon. All of the elements you've chosen look beautiful when combined - truly an eye for detail. Klee's work is so inspirational. Thank you for linking to my shop!

  4. lovely stones. such certain designs. i enjoyed your work. ( :

  5. Fantastic components and you've combined them so beautifully to capture the emotions of Klee's painting!

  6. Its so fun to see how you used the fossilized coral! I love what you did. And those fibers are gorgeous too! You rocked it!


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