Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Around the Lake: CC7A February Reveal

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Welcome to my reveal for the February edition of our friendly design challenge. This month, the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists (CC7A) is celebrating the beautiful components we received from Christine Altmiller of One Kiss Creations:

Mine is the pretty one! (*TeeHee* spoken like a mother, they're all gorgeous... mine is the one furthest right). Christine created these wonderful components using her awesome beading skills. She says, "I chose a theme: Round and Round.  I bead in circles a lot.  I like the rhythm and the flow of expanding the circle.  I could not decide if I wanted to bead around rings, beads, or rocks so I did a little of each and sent them on their way."  

There is a sad story of how MY little component went ROUND AND ROUND in circles thanks to Canada Post, spending over a month en route, but we'll save that for another time :)

As soon as this gift finally arrived, I knew immediately how I would be using it (which seldom happens to me). Christine kindly included some extra copper-coloured seed beads, and I had a few leftover seeds and bugle beads from my cross-stitching days (ancient history). All I needed to add were some coordinating polymer clay spacers (created with the circular motif going round and round), and voilà:

Christine enclosed a note attesting that this rock was collected on the shores of Lake Michigan; its surface is quite smooth, I imagine from the constant caress of the lake waters over millennia. As you can see, the "back" is unmarked:

Christine had beaded a bezel around my rock in such a way that either face could be used. I chose the pitted side to be the "front" of my bracelet, just because I liked the unique character it displays. Sometimes our cracks and faults remain visible, even with the passage of time, don't you think?

In fact, this beauty is so well bezelled, I couldn't help making everything about my project reversible. This is my first time featuring so many beads in a design, so perhaps if I had known what I was doing, the result would have been more professional... but I love my bracelet with all it's "faults".

Thank you so much, Christine, for inspiring me to try a new technique :) I didn't have the proper materials (I used some fishing line as my thread... that's a no-no, yes?) I am still pleased and proud to show off my newest creation, and tell everyone I am wearing a gift from the shores of Lake Michigan.

And thank you, Alicia, for inviting all of us on this wonderful adventure. Loads more creating ahead of us!

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  1. All the components are beautiful! You did a wonderful job with your focal component. Very creative, your bracelet turned out very unique and lovely. I don't use seed beads much in my designs unless I'm just stringing them. If I have to do some kind of beading work I get frustrated, there so little.

  2. Monique your bracelet is wonderful. Very creative design idea. Kudos to you for including seed beads.

  3. Very cool Monique, I like everything about your bracelet, and I like the innovative use of the 4-hole button as a closure. I had not seen anybody to that before, stitching seed beads atop the button. I think I shall have to try it. As for using fishing line, from what I understand, the 'Fireline' fishing line sold in sporting goods stores is often purchased by beaders, it is said to be the same as what is sold in beading stores, only in larger quantities, AND at a better price.

  4. Thanks for mentioning. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Ah, yes, Blogger and CommentLuv aren't the best of friends (they seem foes to me most of the time). I gave up on CL long time ago (it is made for WordPress, so it's not being supported by the author anyhow on Blogger; sad... the alternative is to move your blog on WP, which I figured out it's too much of a hassle :) ).


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