Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Pairs 100 Days: Part 8

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Today is my newest installment of the "100 Pairs 100 Days" Challenge, hosted by Amy Freeland of  Copper Diem. Amy started this challenge back in January, to boost support for Ears to You, a wonderful morale-boosting organization, which distributes earrings to women undergoing cancer treatments. 

I recently purchased some cheerful howlite (faux turquoise) butterflies in many colours. I love butterflies, which are only seen in mid-summer in my part of Canada. Now that spring has "arrived"... at least on the calendar LOL... I thought my newest earring batch should feature some bright and happy butterflies :)  

All the earrings presented in my 100 Pairs 100 Days posts will be donated to Ears to You.

Here is my eighth set of earring pairs (#71-78):

Yes, there are only eight pairs today. Two more will be included in another reveal next Wednesday, my March CC7A design set. 

It's never too late to join Amy as she creates for a great cause :) I will be back on March 31st to share Part 9 :)

**Close-ups, and details and on components, are on the 100 Pairs 100 Days Pinterest board**

**Thank you, Lupe, Lynda, Eleanor, Karin, Lisa, and Susan for your comments... which have disappeared from my blog... thank you, Blogger :( **


  1. I love the butterfly earrings. Great choice, nice pretty bright colors. I love all the bright colors, but my favorite is the white butterfly with the leaf. I love anything that has to do with natural, and especially leaves.

  2. Loving these Monique! I saw them over on pinterest and was eyeing them :)

  3. The butterflies are a wonderful choice for the charity. I think a lot of women like butterflies and these are so cheery and colourful. I like smaller jewelry and would wear these in an instant. Very pretty and perfect for summer.


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