Monday, March 31, 2014

100 Pairs 100 Days: Part 9

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Today is my newest installment of the "100 Pairs 100 Days" Challenge, hosted by Amy Freeland of  Copper Diem. Amy started this challenge back in January, to boost support for Ears to You, a wonderful morale-boosting organization, which distributes earrings to women undergoing cancer treatments. 

I think I have mentioned before how much I love orphan bead sets, and I recently picked up a nice selection from lampworker Amy Hall of Two Glassy Ladies. I received a beautiful selection of colourful lampies, including a good number of earring pairs... well, you know to me "pairs" is a relative term: I don't want them IDENTICAL :) So today's ten-pack will feature Amy's beads, with supporting roles by: tiny recycled glass beads and artisan earwires from Soul of Somanya, along with assorted fibre, leather, mother-of-pearl, etc., etc.

All the earrings presented in my 100 Pairs 100 Days posts will be donated to Ears to You.

Here is my ninth set of earring pairs (#81-90):

I will be back on April 10th to share Part 10 :) I can't believe that will be the 100th Day of 2014, already... it feels like we just started the year (and the challenge); yet tomorrow we welcome April, with all its promises of renewal and rebirth :) Hope you will join me for the the final installment on April 10th!

**Close-ups, and details and on components, are on the 100 Pairs 100 Days Pinterest board**


  1. wow can't even imagine doing 100 pairs in 100 days... quite an accomplishment!! I love those beads surrounded by what looks like white shell very pretty!! -All are quite original ;)

  2. Love all these little details on each of these pairs! The touches wire work and leather/cord are especially nice.


  3. Oh! I think these are my favorite collection! (With only 10 days left, I'm not going to make it to 100, but I am SO inspired that you will!) And these are going to be totally cherished by the women who receive them.

  4. That's a great challenge. I also started a challenge today, the A to Z challenge. I guess we'll be busy from now on ;-)


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