Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming CC7A Blog Hop, Part 3, March 26

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Photo Collage by Sally Russick

Last October, Alicia Marinache of All the Pretty Things proposed a small group of us exchange components and choose themes for a friendly design challenge. The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists (CC7A) was born. You will find Alicia's introduction of the artists at her blog link above. 

This Wednesday is the reveal date of our creations using the beautiful components we received from Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime. Her theme for March is "Contrasting Colors". The above photo shows the lovely and unexpected colour combos Sally selected, and sent to the other members of CC7A, along with a Kristy Bowman handmade metal clay component. 

I won't tell you which is mine, so you'll have to drop by this Wednesday for our reveals. Hint: my bead group is the prettiest *TeeHee*


  1. I love the color combinations! I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you create :-)

  2. What lovely colours, great choices I shall look forward to seeing what you make with your Monique.

  3. Can't wait to see the results - nice bead mixes.

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  5. The second picture on the left is my favorite color combination. Have a lovely day.

  6. Can hardly wait to see which is yours!

  7. LOL, we have agreed to disagree on this one: you know very well my combination is the prettiest one!


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