Wednesday, April 09, 2014

DAY 100 of the 100 Days 100 Pairs Challenge

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O.K., actually this is April 9th, or Day 99, but I'm posting a day early because I wanted to pass on this message in a timely way:

Ears to You  is having a special fundraising event starting today: 

"Join in our 3-day event Wednesday, April 9th to Friday, April 11th to raise funds and awareness of Ears To You!  If you live in Northeast Ohio, we have ETY earrings and new baseball hats, along with brochures and donation boxes that will be set-up in area businesses to encourage donations!  You can choose to donate any amount into the box, AND/OR donate a minimum amount to “wear your support” by choosing a pair of earrings ($10 min.) or a baseball hat ($18 min).  Take one, donate one!  If you live out of the area, please consider a donation here on our website. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals and your donation helps us continue to bring these moments of joy to cancer patients!  We are also looking for direct sponsorships from business owners and community leaders!" More on this link.

So, unbelievably, this is my final installment of ten earring pairs, numbers 91-100. Amy started this challenge back in January, and at the time I figured, "Well, I'll do what I can, but I doubt I'll be able to donate that many earrings!" I  am very happy to have been proven wrong :)

Without further ado, I present my last set, featuring a mix of my own polymer clay beads, lampwork by glass artisans Mona Sullivan, Amy Hall, and Lacy Spencer, as well as a set of Indonesian hand-carved bone components from a previous challenge. My theme this time was "White Plus", a series with bi-colour palettes, all on silver-filled earwires by Soul of Somanya:

**More details on components on the 100 Pairs 100 Days Pinterest board**

Right now I am waiting for some special earring cards being sent from the Ears to You organization, so I can get all 100 pairs packaged and mailed.

Thanks, everyone, for joining me, and for your encouragement during the 100 days of this great project :)


  1. Hi Monique, thanks for coming over and leaving me a comment on my Bead Soup post. I love your black and white earrings very elegant my favourites are the ones with tassels they are so unusual!

  2. Wonderful project and wonderful earrings!!

  3. You've done a great job with this project and made some really fun earrings.

  4. Wow - 100 earrings ! And all for a great cause.
    Monique your earrings are fantastic and so are you. Congratulations on a job well done. :)

  5. Wow! Here I thought that I was pushing myself to commit to 30 pairs. I didn't realize that they will send out earring cards! I have just sent previous pairs to them in bags.

  6. sounds interesting - i have never ever heard of the organization. neat!! ( :

  7. Wonderful project and fantastic effort Monique. All the earrings are lovely....


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