Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shibori Challenge and Rita's GLOSSI

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Join us tomorrow, Monday April 14th, for a blog hop featuring Shibori ribbon, a product which is new to me, but apparently very popular with bead embroiderers. Don't panic, everyone, I have NOT taken up bead embroidery just in time for this hop LOL. But I HAVE created something special and meaningful for me. 

So do drop by and see what has been created by TanyaMaryanneAlenkaCarolynMaryCatherineChristineSharylTherese and I.


Also, I just had to share what Rita of Jewel School Friends made with our Color of Dreams blog hop designs. Check out the beautiful Glossi magazine she created. I love this, Rita :) - The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

Thanks again for this wonderful and memorable celebration of our dreams, Rita!


  1. The ribbon looks lovely and interesting. Can't wait to see what everyone has created with it . I'm sure it will be interesting and enlightening. :)

  2. I wasn't aware of the glossi. Thanks for the heads up :)


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