Thursday, April 24, 2014

What I Won and Upcoming Events

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I've been enjoying a little holiday the past two weeks! So today just a quick word on current and upcoming stuff:

1/ I won this beautiful handmade soap from Kathy Weisz of Kathy in Ozarks. Kathy asked what kind of soap I wanted and I said, "Surprise me!" Yesterday I received this gorgeous golden butterfly :) How did she know? Kathy even included a pretty hand-knit face scrubbie from fellow Missourian Etsy maker Rita Hagenhoff of Sticks n Stones Gifts. My own mini-spa :) Thanks, Kathy!

Kathy has two shops on Etsy: one for beautiful hand-dyed fibers, and the second where she sells her custom soaps in all kinds of cute shapes (even some for men and kids):

2/ Also in my mailbox yesterday was the envelope of Ears to You earring cards I have been awaiting. Now I have started to get those 100 pair sorted and bagged, and ready to send out to this very worthwhile organization. Thanks, Amy, for the inspiration to get on board with your 100 Pairs 100 Days challenge!

3/ This Saturday, April 26th, is the fourth reveal in our Creative Continuum of Seven Artists (CC7A) monthly challenge. This time it is Therese Frank of Therese's Treasures who inspires us to get in touch with our inner Beatles, for a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds blog hop. I have only a pic of part of the awesome cab she provided, but there were also moonstone beads, sky blue agate and sparkly clear AB glass. It is sure to be a great trip... so join us on Saturday :)

Freaky dichroic glass handmade by Therese

4/ I am working away at my beautiful Bead Soup sent by the wonderful Cheryl Brown. How to do justice to Cheryl's amazing gifts? Ai yi yi... The 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party is set to go NEXT Saturday, May 3rd, with almost 500 bloggers participating. Hope you can drop by for this crazy party, too :)


  1. Wow, you are busy !!! Congratulations on winning that soap from Kathy ;)

  2. So much eye candy here! Busy Busy Busy :-)
    For Ears to You, are we supposed to get ear cards from them first? In the past, I just mailed in a few pair, but this time I am sending 60 pair. Maybe I need the ear cards and baggies?!

  3. Every time I visit Monique I see goodies I've not seen previously. I adore the colours in your most recent bead soup - hmmm, now what will you create? Those little birds - gorgeous - where can one find them???

  4. Like Christine above, I'm curious about the Ears To You cards as well --do you have them made, or do they send them out?

    1. I just requested them on the Ears to You website, Cassi. I knew they probably had volunteers to card, but I figured it was just as easy for me to do that step as I bagged them :)

  5. Hi Monique,
    It is fate that you got the butterfly, for sure it is your talisman. Putting earrings on cards not a task I enjoy, but for a good cause I would have suffered through, have fun!
    So looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what everyone did with their package from me.
    You got a beautiful bead soup I will be back to see what you created on May 3rd.

  6. Gosh, what lovely homemade soap, too good to use


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