Thursday, June 26, 2014

CC7A Reveal for June 2014: I Do!

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Welcome to reveal day for the June edition of the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists, brought to you this month by Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers. Cynthia sent some lovely components reflecting her theme, "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue", for which she shared a little history ('cause she's good at that!)

"I picked a theme that I thought we could have some fun with that is an old adage for brides. And then I sent out the mixture to match: something old (reclaimed sari silk), something new (imperial jasper), something borrowed (several remaining leaf toggles from a ZnetShows hop) and something blue (apatite rounds). 
Meaning: It is said that something old represents continuity, something new offers optimism for the future, something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, something blue stands for purity, love and fidelity and a sixpence in your show is a wish for good fortune and prosperity."

I originally wanted to make just one design incorporating all the components, but they had other plans :) The first piece I designed was a simple bracelet with the apatite rounds, which I paired with the pretty clasp sent by Cynthia, and some infinity links ('cause we all want love to last forever, right?)

I threaded through a bit of the white sari silk, but I'm not sure which look I prefer.

I recently bought multiple strands of wonderful Indonesian glass beads from my favorite supplier, Karine of Yukidesigns. One strand had the perfect pale green beads (seen at bottom of the photo) to match the striations in the imperial jasper teardrops:

I added some matching Czech beads, small silver Heishi spacers and beads, and a cord crocheted from the sari silk:

I like the contrast of the frayed and uneven silk against the cool elegance of the jasper and glass.

And the design is delicate enough to be worn as a triple-wrapped bracelet:

Thanks for dropping by! You can visit the other CC7A members here:
Christine... One Kiss Creations 
Cynthia... Antiquity Travelers 


  1. Monique the infinity links are the perfect symbol to use! I do really love that bracelet! But the softness in your braided sari silk and that gorgeous mix of stones is stealing the show! It is so perfectly boho and you know how I love that! Thanks making the June stash shine!

  2. Hi Monique,
    I love both of your pieces they are beautiful! I like the version of the bracelet without the silk, the stones show better without the silk. The necklace/bracelet wrap is my favorite the greens and blues really make the necklace.

  3. Ah, perfect addition, those infinity links! Both pieces are lovely, you know I am always in love with versatile pieces, and you made it asymmetric too! I would agree with Therese and not add the silk to the first bracelet, it's gorgeous and perfect right the way it is :) Beautiful designs ~ thank you for being a part of our group!

  4. What great pieces! The infinity additions are perfect for the theme and also for the bracelet itself without knowing the theme. The added sari gives it even more dimension and texture and a really soft look. And your necklace, I loved it in the split second it took the scroll down and loved it even deeper when I saw it as a triple wrap bracelet. What a great mix of colors and components! It is a soothing piece. You do nice work, Monique :-)

  5. Beautiful color combinations. I've always been fond of Spring yellow green mixed with dark blues, they seem to make such pretty music together, very harmonious.
    Your idea to braid the silk and use it as a part of the necklace was right on mark. It gives the piece a more relaxed and Bohemian feel.
    I love the bracelet and feel that it doesn't need the silk, sometimes less is more. Without the silk the bracelet shows off its infinity links and has a more open airy look to it. I love the way you wire wrapped the links, very good job Monique.

  6. Hi Monique, Your designs are wonderful. I like the first bracelet better without the sari silk. Crocheting the silk for the necklace is very creative use of it. Making it multi wear is very cool.

  7. All of your designs are lovely but I have to say that my favorite is the first bracelet. I always enjoy peaking in at your blog to see what you have created next...

  8. Gorgeous Monique and each piece is so clever in its designs! I'm in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the color palette of the necklace/triple strand bracelet, I would wear that piece everyday!! Now, I have to go peruse Karine's beads, you are going to get me in trouble!!

  9. I just love the bracelet! The silver and the apatite is a gorgeous combo. The necklace is also a real winner.

  10. What fun you had this month! All great components to work with. Just love that triple strand bracelet that magically becomes a great necklace when you need it to!

  11. Wonderful pieces. I really like the first bracelet you made.

  12. Pretty colour combinations

  13. i enjoy the infinity charm ... those beads are too lovely. i love all the colors. you are so creative. i guess that is shot #3 those beads are wrapped in white - is that for keeping them safe & no breaking ... or is that a ribbon? ( :

  14. Simply gorgeous beads, I love what you did with them ;)

  15. Oh, that worked out so well! I really like how you braided the silk, yet still kept it slightly frayed. And the colors. . .yum!!

  16. I love your triple wrap bracelet!


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