Friday, July 25, 2014

Last CC7A Reveal Tomorrow

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One of only a few chances I will have to post this summer, tomorrow is the reveal for month #7 (the final one... sad) of our Creative Continuum of Seven Artists. These lovely and challenging components were sent by Emma of A Polymer Penchant:

An eclectic collection, n'est-ce pas? Lots of pretty glass, kooky "Trixies" from MyELEMENTS and the gorgeous polymer clay/resin focal, handmade by Emma. (Sorry the photos don't do it justice, girl!)

The note still makes me giggle. Emma wrote, "Hope this found you and not your neighbor..." My mailman has a habit of delivering my packages one street over (same house number), but I guess I should be grateful Canada Post hasn't yet stopped door-to-door delivery, as they have threatened :(

And Emma, when you sent this in January, we were enduring bone-numbing chill for weeks on end, so you added, "...(we) should be warm then", meaning in July. We just got through several weeks of record-breaking heat and humidity. It's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? Too bad we can't bottle the extremes of temperature for a little swap now and then *TeeHee*

The following designers will be participating in this CC7A reveal with me, though a couple are on holidays and/or posting remotely, so do check back on them if you don't see their post right away. See you tomorrow!

Christine... One Kiss Creations 
Cynthia... Antiquity Travelers 
Therese... Therese's Treasures


  1. Thanks for taking a picture of the stash! clearly I missed the memo on that front - ha! I didn't know those were called 'Trixies' ? Thanks!

  2. What a cute and clever collection of beads and findings - however I can see there is definitely a challenge here. :)


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