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Anchors Aweigh Design Challenge

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Welcome to the reveal and blog hop for the Anchors Aweigh Design Challenge, sponsored by Rita/Toltec Jewels of Jewel School Friends. Rita generously provided these gorgeous little anchor charms handmade by the talented Diana Ptaszynski. 

Photo shamelessly stolen from Diana's shop ;)

Thank you, Rita, for sharing your awesome idea and being so generous with your gifts :) And thanks, Diana, for creating these inspirational gems!

I was very tempted to make an earring pair with these (well, not really... I have been "off" on earrings this year LOL). Anyway, these are the designs I created:

A little cuff hand-sewn with craft rope and highlighted with waxed linen... I wanted something casual to wear on vacation. It has a peek-a-boo window to showcase one of Diana's charms:

Also a short strung necklace featuring the second charm, with some mother-of-pearl, Indonesian recycled glass and silver charms (lots of circles):

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  1. Love how you have used three jump rings as a bail on your necklace design, a realy lovely detail and oh my your bracelet is wonderful, such a great design!

  2. Love, love, love the bracelet!! The rope design is ingenious!! It looks very comfortable to wear as well! Love the necklace design as well. Beautiful! Gina H

  3. That rope cuff bracelet is the most original design idea I have seen. Wonderful and inspired. The necklace is perfect for the other charm, and another beautiful design. I tried to resist the earring urge with my charms, but I was not successful

  4. OMG that cuff is awesome Monique! so interesting and original how you created it! It will pair up beautifully with your necklace - you'll have fun wearing it on your trip. Hope you're going somewhere fun, warm and nautical !!

  5. What a lovely bracelet and the necklace that you have made ! And I absolutely love the way you have highlighted that cute little anchor charm in the bracelet . It`s very unique !

  6. Wow. What a great bracelet. It fits nautical to a T. Just what I envisioned with my earrings but didn't carry out. Wonderful job on both pieces!

  7. Love the bracelet with the nautical look! I also am envious that you went with something other than earrings. The necklace really pops the charm.

  8. Monique you're so creative. Love the casual simplicity of the rope bracelet, it's something that would look great with casual jeans and shorts and it has a really relaxed summer time look to it. I bet it will be a favorite, wear almost everyday piece.
    Also the necklace is as beautiful as it is unique. Very original and artistic.

  9. Your pieces are great. That rope bracelet blows me away. I love it!

  10. OMG - that is the MOST INGENIOUS bracelet design I have ever seen and I am totally in love with it!!! Your bracelet is gorgeous as well, but man on man that BRACELET! :)

  11. Great thinking outside the box...and then boxing it in. So great to see your very different ideas for how to work with these components.

  12. Wow! I love the necklace and it one that I would wear regularly but that bracelet... It has to be one of the most unique designs I have ran across and I keep going back to look at it again. Incredible job!

  13. Your designs are just cool!!! Love them. Love the movement on the cuff and the wonderful knot work! The necklace is beautiful and I love the mix of textures and color ! Have a Blessed Day!

  14. I love them both but that bracelet is such a beautiful and creative idea. I totally love it. I am drooling over here! Want my address? LOL Bravo!

  15. Both your pieces are awesome. I love the bracelet. I am wondering how you finished the ends of the ropes. It is so cool. The necklace is terrific too. It is a wonderful design. You did a fabulous job.

    1. I realized belatedly there are no photos showing the back assembly clearly. I may take some, or show the simple construction in a future post (I should be careful of making such promises... I mentioned doing a tutorial on the shibori butterfly and promptly lost my remaining ribbon :( The bracelet is formed from a single length of cord and the two cut ends are hidden inside one of the ribbon end crimps.

  16. What's not to love! Your bracelet cuff is the bomb and the matching necklace is creative and fun! Now all you need is two tickets on a cruise! One ticket for for me! Bead Cruises...I hear they are a blast!

  17. Wow...very fun! I am really liking cuffs these days and yours is soooo different and I just love the charm hanging in the middle like that... Your necklaces is great too...the metal charms are like ropes I saw wound up on some old ships in Baltimore this summer...

  18. Both great designs, but I squealed when I saw that bracelet! Such a great idea!!!

  19. Hi Monique, Your rope bracelet is awesome. The rope fits the theme and the charm perfectly and the navy blue waxed linen accents it just right.This is a really unique design.

  20. Monique, your designs are so beautiful. I absolutely love nautical's one of the Pinterest boards I pin to the most and I love the ocean...I love that rope cuff and agree with all of the above comments. It is such a unique design!

  21. The bracelet is amazing! Such a creative design. The necklace is great too. I like that the two pieces are different from each other yet can be worn together if you choose. Great job!

  22. What brilliant designs Monique I love that neat bracelet idea you had its so unusual, the necklace couldn't be more different but the little anchor brings it all together!

  23. Love love love that cuff! Such a very unique design, the cord is such a great idea!!! Must be fun to wear! I love the necklace too, a different style and also very pretty (-:

  24. I love your bracelet! What a wonderful and creative idea! You really did a great job with the both pieces.

  25. Fabulous nautical themed jewelry!

  26. Hi Monique,
    I love your designs the cuff is very unique and nautical. Your necklace reminds me of Greece for some reason, but that is what came to mind when I saw it. Both pieces are beautiful.

  27. That cuff is so cool!! I agree with Therese. There is something about your necklace that reminds me of Greece. Great job!

  28. What a great idea with that cuff. I tried finding white cording like that locally maybe in the future to play with. I love the natural unisex look of the cuff.

  29. Love your designs but especially the rope cuff. What a great idea. I do believe I see a new trend developing from your inspiration. Wonderful work on this challenge.

  30. Beautiful and unique nautical cuff, simple and very striking.


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