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Bead Hoarders Blog Hop 2014

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We all love hoarding collecting, but once in awhile we need to CREATE! This is the idea behind the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop. I participated in Lori's event last year and she kindly agreed to host again, so I signed up. My post will be brief as the list of bloggers is fairly long. Suffice to say: my hoard is much larger than it was last time! 

Other than buying NOTHING new to use, I had two priorities: finish a project that has been languishing; and use one of my older focals. I chose this lovely pendant by Round Rabbit, accompanied by recycled glass from my favorite supplier of Indonesian beads, Yukidesigns, with mother-of-pearl and cultured sea glass. I stopped at one design. Baby steps :)

My camera is on its last legs, but my sister has offered me one of hers (she collects cameras like I collect beads!) I MUST take her up on that one of these days ;)

Oh, right, also a swirly lentil in polymer clay made by me (it's been around forever!)

Thanks for visiting :) Keep the fun going and hang out with these other designers:

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  1. Monique, that necklace is beautiful. I love it.

  2. that pendant is so unique! and the tie in between the pendant and the mother of pearl beads is perfect.

  3. I really love how you have combined all the different items into this lovely necklace.

  4. Fantastic necklace. And that cleaning the craft room thing is so me. ;)

  5. Sumptuous. The necklace is so well balanced- beads, color, composition. Well done. Enjoy your new piece of jewelry.

  6. That is such a lovely piece ! I would have hoarded that focal like mad, too.

  7. Enjoy the new necklace that you made. It is a beauty.

  8. Beautiful and brilliant design! Love the color palate too. Enjoy wearing it!

  9. Beautiful necklace, Monique. I love that focal but would have been stumped by what to do with it but you knocked it out of the park. Lovely colour combination and design. For a camera on it's last legs you still take fab photos! Thanks for visiting my blog...always great to hear from you.

  10. Hi Monique, the necklace is beautiful! I love swirly beads!! Love it!

  11. Beautiful necklace. The focal is so unique, I think your polymer clay bead really brings out the colour on the focal nicely. Great stuff :-)

  12. Beautiful necklace. I love the combination of beads you've used. Your own lentil is great. And I love Round Rabbit!

  13. I love all the shaped and finishes in this piece. The colors tie the whole thing together so beautifully. Well done. It's a lovely necklace Monique.

  14. So unique, I love all the different pieces, such whimsy!

  15. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work with us. I love the yellow and blue - vintage, very swanky.

  16. So pretty! Love the colors!

  17. Loved the necklace . The mother of pearl and the sea glass highlight the beauty of the focal so well !

  18. To me the focal looked like such a challenge, but really showcased it so well and your polymer clay went perfect with it.

  19. Hi Monique, Your necklace is very unique and creative. I like that you used some of your own beautiful polymer beads. You created wonderful texture with the components that you chose. Good job.

  20. I'm a big fan of blue and yellow together, and you paired them perfectly. It's nice to use our stashed beads, isn't it?

  21. What an unusual pendant it's so pretty, it would have challenged me too much. I think what you did with it is so pretty, I especially like the blue sea glass and polymer swirl bead!

  22. Monique you are my last stop of the hop. I'm glad to see you again. It's bee a while, LOL. Love that pendant. I doubt I could have rocked it like you did. This is a beautiful piece.

  23. The pendant is spectacular...but my favorite part of this design is the chain you created! I LOVE the window beads, and have also strung beads on the inside (it's tricky!) used the cultured sea glass "tusks" beautifully, too. It's all so beautifully put together!

  24. What a beautiful and unique created a beautiful necklace! And your bead is perfect in this necklace! Great job!

  25. Oh you lucky lady! That's one of the Round Rabbit pendants I tried to get but BAM, gone!

    You rocked it, nailed it, did it great justice! Be proud, and wear it a LOT (even with pajamas!)

    Thank you so much for participating, and don't forget to post your pieces in the special Pinterest board,

    Plus, join the Facebook group (also welcome to your friends) -- hope to see you at other hops!

  26. Amazing pendant, unusual and a beautiful colour.

  27. Oh what a yummy necklace! The colors are so appetizing and it has such a wonderful balance.

  28. Love all the texture in this piece.

  29. So hilarious!! And TRUE!! Ha!

  30. ❊..(
    ❊#ª“˜¨ ᴺᴵᴳᴴᵀ﹗
    Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2015!!!
    ♥Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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