Thursday, January 08, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 1

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I am a day late posting to Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge (though Katie kindly added a few extra days grace due to Holiday schedules). I need to keep myself on a strict schedule, however, as I have a tendency to put my OWN creativity behind all other obligations... don't we all?

Without further ado, here are some beads and pendants I have made, using some of my favorite canes. Regular readers will recognize the red rose cane, and perhaps my sparkly blue variation of the brain cane, which I have used in numerous projects shared here in the past. Both cane designs are by Cindy Lietz. The leaf cane is from a wonderful tutorial by Eugena Topina

Hope to see everyone next week for Week 2 of our challenge!


  1. Beautiful work Monique, I love your flower beads and pendant.

  2. Beautiful - I admire this so much because it's something I don't do, so it holds a fascination for me. Happy New Year

  3. I have attempted canes, totally without success. I am so impressed with your ability :-)

  4. These creations are awesome, Monique!! Loving those rose beads! Eugena has some great tutorials...I have bought a few from her!


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