Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2

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For Week 2 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I have only manged to squeak out a single little pendant. As I said last week, I have a terrible habit of making canes and then never actually USING them for anything. I'd like to address that this coming year :)

Again I have recuperated a lovely cane design by Cindy Lietz, the beautiful Peacock Cane. This is based on Premo brand clay, which always causes me problems when I use it (not that it's not a great product, just different from my usual, Kato, so needs a different "approach"). Takeaway: remember that some brands take an oven temperature LOWER than you are used to LOL. This was the second version of my pendant. Pretty cool huh?

Hope to see everyone next week for Week 3 of our challenge!

BONUS: Completely gratuitous and unrelated kitty pic. On Juli Cannon's online auction today, she asked us to share a funny photo. I thought my latest shelter rescue, Tristan, looked like Rip van Winkle realizing it was a different world than when he fell asleep *TeeHee*


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love this design! I need to ask you about Polymer ... my daughter has started to use it (Premo and Sculpty) and we've been having temperature issues .... looking a little 'toasty' and we're not even baking the full time?

  2. I love this pendant, Monique! You've inspired me to try making canes again. I did canes when I first started with polymer clay but it's been a while. This will be part of this challenge for me. I wasn't very good at canes but I've learned a lot since then.

  3. What a beautiful peacock cane Monique. I don't do caning myself but some of it does look amazing.
    Love the picture of Tristan he's such a cuddly looking cat and so gorgeous!

  4. the pendant is gorgeous. the cat is precious!

  5. Beautiful pendant!! I have yet to try making this cane. I love peacock feathers! You did an awesome job!

  6. Oh Monique, what a beautiful pendant! I think you "squeeked" out something will make an incredible focal just one chain alone.
    What a cute kitty - very deserving of the spotlight! :-)

  7. I thought I left a comment earlier but I don't see it, so I will try again.

    I too love your peacock cane, makes me want to make one myself. Just what I need, another cane.

    Just wanted to let you know, following your instructions I managed to install the button thingy for 2015 PC Challenge on my blog. I am so proud of me. Thank you very much!!

  8. Beautiful pendant! Is the shine from buffing? not some sealant? And the kitty! Gorgeous little guy.

  9. Beautiful pendant! . Love the colors you have achieved in this peacock cane :)


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