Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 10

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For Week 10 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I am continuing on my quest to use canes I have been collecting or neglecting. This week I had a special request for custom buttons! 

Unlike me, my sister is a knitter. She got the WHOLE knitting gene from our Mum and knits compulsively. I "think" this is a sweater and headband for one of her great nieces (I'm not sure, because her knitting output is huge and so is her hubby's extended family LOL).

And now for some button closeups:

Buttons about 15mm, 1/2"+

The little petals are from a peach blossom cane I whipped up as part of my bee and flowers charm (2014 Art Charm Swap). It is adapted from on a technique by Meg Newberg; the free Youtube video can be viewed here. I wrapped the petal cane in a thin gold-ish layer so it wouldn't disappear into the white base layer.

As with most of my sculptural items, these were baked in three layers, beginning with the central "base" layer, then adding the shank button back covered with a textured bottom layer, then finally the flower parts were individually attached. I love that each button is a definite OOAK. There won't be my usual conservator's wax finish as these will need to be washed occasionally.

Hope to see everyone next time for Week 11 of our challenge!


  1. What sweet little buttons! I love to see all the possibilities of polymer clay.

  2. Oh my gosh. Those buttons are beautiful!! And so perfect for that lovely knitted sweater.

  3. These buttons are adorable and perfect on the sweater. So special!

  4. Such lovely buttons. the colour is perfect.

  5. Pretty little flower buttons! Certainly adds beauty to the beautiful knitting creation made by your sister.

  6. Absolutely amazing-- your sisters precious knitting and your gorgeous buttons. I'm in awe-- you made those buttons???!!! Are you kidding me!! That's some serious talent-- I adore them!!

  7. You and your sister are both so talented! Love those adorable buttons. :)


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